“Where’s Waldo?”

I have two regrets in regards to my summer involvment with Teen Missions…

  1. I only ran the obstacle course at Boot Camp with my Zambia team once.
  2. I never ran the obstacle course with my Sicily team.

The obstacle course (O.C.) is a rather grueling course which requires significant stamina and strength.  There are tire mountains to be climbed, tunnels to be crawled through, rope bridges to be gone over, rope ladders to be climbed, water to swing over on ropes, and among other things, a 12 foot wall to be scaled.  You run it every day before the sun is even up, even if it’s raining.  When I was a younger person going on and assistant leading teams, I ran the course every morning.  I loved it.  It was invigorating and exciting.

But then was when I was younger, and in shape.  I was able to finish the course the one time I ran it (though we ran out of time before I could get over the wall) with my Zambia team, but this past year I had injured my back and sprained my ankle before my kids even got to boot camp and I just couldn’t manage it, not even once.

This year my goal is to run it every day.  In order to be able to do that, I really need to get into shape so that I don’t kill myself!  I will have the advantage of coming from high altitude to sea level, which will help with stamina, but I have the disadvantage of having gained 40 pounds since I was in my teens and twenties.  The weight slows me down and aggravates my back, my knees, and my ankles (I’m kind of an orthopedic bad dream).  Sooooo, in order to reach that goal, the weight needs to come off.  Mind you, I really hate exercise.  I mean, REALLY.

Enter Vickie.  Vickie is a co-worker of mine.  Last year she had a goal to run The Ascent.  (In brief, The Ascent is a race up Pikes Peak).  So she got together with a friend and got in shape and did it!  In the process of getting in shape, she lost 25 pounds.  Over the holidays she put on some weight and was telling me that she was wanting to get back into shape again.  I shared with her my goal, and she decided that we could help motivate each other.

So, this morning we took our first hike in our collective goal reaching plan.  We hiked the Waldo Trail, well, part of it anyway.  We hiked up two miles and then headed back down.  I was dreading it.  But it wasn’t bad!  I was breathing hard and my heart was pounding, but we kept a good pace and it was BEAUTIFUL.  I was worried that I’d slow Vickie down, but I really didn’t.  Vickie has decided we’ll do the same hike for a couple more weeks, and then add the next three and a half miles to the hike.  After getting comfortable with the seven and a half mile hike we’ll move on to a more difficult trail and work up from there.  We’ll do this on Sunday mornings (I’m changing to the Saturday evening church service which I attended last night and loved).  I have very little self-motivation when it comes to this sort of thing, so having a hiking buddy to keep me doing it will be most helpful!

I’d like to lose at least 20 pounds before June and greatly increase my endurance.  And in the process it will be fun to explore more of this beautiful state in which I live.

I normally wouldn’t put something like this out into the public arena, but perhaps doing so will help to keep me on track.  So, please feel free to give me encouragement and to check in on my progress.  I hope to be able to report positively over the coming weeks and months!

Wish me luck!  🙂


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9 responses to ““Where’s Waldo?”

  • Lady Luck

    Not only do i wish you luck but I am also sooooo in awe of you. 🙂

  • Lou (Linda)

    Thanks for the luck, Jan! But be in awe when I report that I’ve dropped a stone or two! 😉

  • Stephanie

    mama lou.

    when its not negative degreese out lets go hiking!
    maybe we can even convince colin to come on one when he’s out.


  • Lou (Linda)

    Yes, lets! Man, it’s been cold though! It’s “0” degrees as I type this!

    I’m sure if we tie you to a string and dangle you in front of Colin we can get him to follow us anywhere! 🙂

  • Christina

    Mama Lou, Way to go! The best part about the OC is realizing that when you get done you got through it! and you can tell ppl. that you already reviewed the ten commandments, the ten plagues, the books of the Bible, remembered Miracles that God provided–red sea, Jacob’s ladder, delivery from the wilderness and survived the slough of despond all before 6:30 in the morning 🙂 booya. Just be sure to ask for only half of a mug of koolaid if you have breakfast prior, its not great to run on a stomach full of 32ou. of koolaid :/.
    I do envy your gorgeous hiking there in CO!
    May God bless and strengthen you!

  • Lou (Linda)

    Right! Don’t want to be Kool-aid-logged that early in the morning and be doing all that before 6:30!!! Oh, unless it’s pink lemondade. Can’t say no to the lemondade. You KNOW how much I love TMI pink lemonade!

  • Lizzie

    Keep up the walking Lou, I started walking after my 40th and have dropped 12 lbs. only 20 to go, LeeLee and I are doing the LA marathon in March, so keep up the good work

  • Lou (Linda)

    Lizzie, that’s awesome! YOU keep up the good work. You ARE pulling my leg about you and Lee Lee running the LA marathon, aren’t you???

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