I’m so tired of hearing the word “change” come out of this group of presidential candidates’ mouths.  “I love change”, “I’m bringing change”, “I’m making change”, “change is good”… nebulous blah blah BLAH. 

Whenever I hear one of them talk about making change, I see them wearing a yellow, red, and blue fez and working the counter at Hot Dog on a Stick in the mall … “forty-eight, forty-nine, fifty, seventy-five and twenty-five makes one dollar…”

It got me to thinking…

Can any of these candidates actually make change?  Now THAT’s something I’d really like to see!!


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2 responses to “Change….

  • helenl

    Linda, Anything’s a “change” after Dubya. 🙂 What else would you call it?

  • Lou (Linda)

    Just remember that there are two sides to the “change” coin. Things ALWAYS change…for the better, or for the worse…they always change. I’m hearing lots of very fantastastic promises, but very little realism.

    We should be careful what we wish for, we just might get it…

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