Lisa and Richard Wooden(‘t) Pay Their Bills

Sigh.  I don’t know who these people are, but they apparently aren’t the kinds of people who pay their bills.  And I am the unlucky person who has their old phone number.

So I get calls, and lots of them, from various bill collectors.  The latest company to be calling me is I.C. Systems, Inc.  They called four times yesterday while I was at work.  This morning they called before 9:00 again, and woke me up…again.  I don’t usually answer calls I don’t recognize, but I started answering I.C. Sytems’ calls when home in order to request that they stop calling ALL THE TIME.  Four different operators, or operatives, or whatever you call them, have told me that they’ll take my number out of the database, and yet, still they call.  Maybe the lady today will follow through. 

Lisa and Richard, if you are out there, stop spending money.  And pay your old bills off, please. 

I need my sleep.


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7 responses to “Lisa and Richard Wooden(‘t) Pay Their Bills

  • Lady Luck

    Do you know, I still get phone calls for the guy (a professional jazz musician) that lived in my house previously too? (mental note to NEVER take over a phone number again!) I wouldn’t mind but it has been over a year – time enough to change contact details I would have thought.

    I don’t get unpaid bills belonging to him or demands – but I do get frequent calls from his wine merchants, champagne merchants, race horse trainers, tipsters, ticket touts for theatre & music and up-market holiday companies. I even had a call yesterday from a company who apparently Spring-clean his house every year! (I was briefly tempted to book them and send the bill to him since he left the place in a right state when he moved out!) I guess it was the mess left over from all his wild parties!

    He must have been living an extremely fun life! 😉

    So, it’s not just me and it’s not just in America! Very glad you don’t have to deal with debt collectors! — Lou

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  • Em

    The last apartment Jack rented was previously occupied by some guy that didn’t pay his bills. When Jack got the bill collector’s call, the collector told him that since he was living in the apartment, he became responsible for the debt. Jack told the guy exactly what he could do with THAT payment plan.

  • Lou (Linda)

    That’s preposterous! Did the bill collector actually think Jack would fall for that???

    Thanks for dropping in on my blog. I checked yours out. You are a very funny writer! — Lou

  • Lizzie

    Mine’s name is Brian, we have lived in this house with this phone number for almost 9 years, the first 7 and a half we got collectors calling Brian, in the beginning it was nearly every week, they began to taper off and then blessedly 2007 there were none! Keep the hope alive.

  • Lou (Linda)

    I did not know you had one of these, too! So sorry! Seven and a half years? Yikes.

    I.C. Systems has continued to call….twice so far today.

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