I believe that today’s assassination of former Pakistani Prime Minister/possibly future Pakistani Prime Minister Bhutto might well usher in a whole new era of terror.  Don’t you think that Al Qaeda wants nukes and wants them BADLY??  Pakistan has 100 nuclear weapons.  And, as the most unstable nuclear power in the world, Pakistan must make AQ salivate.  And as a bonus, Pakistan’s nukes are right in the neighborhood.  Al Qaeda has been circling like a hyena or a vulture, just waiting for Pakistan to fall apart.  Tenuously stable at best, Pakistan has been tottering on the brink for some time.  And, like a hyena or a vulture, sometimes waiting around for your prey to die simply takes too long.  So they move in for the kill.  You know, to speed things up.  I have no proof that AQ is responsible for the death of FPM Bhutto, but it has the rotten decaying smell of their involvement.  A civil war in Pakistan and the loss of governmental control would please AQ beyond measure.  An assassination such as this just might trigger that war and loss of control.  (If that happened, who’d be watching the nukes???) 

So they’re circling again.

I hope I’m wrong. 

I pray I’m wrong.

I’d much rather write about other things, but this is what is on my mind tonight.

I hope that President Musharaff’s people are in the process of dismantling those weapons as I write.


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One response to “Nukistan

  • Lady Luck

    You’ve said exactly what I’ve been thinking for the last 24 hours.

    Let’s hope we’re both wrong.

    My sincere hope for the world for the New Year is: PEACE, LOVE & UNDERSTANDING.

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