Scotch Shortbread…Shortnin’ Bread

My cousin Julie was asking for “my” recipe for shortbread.  I make a killer shortbread.  Except the recipe is not mine, it’s my friend, Joanne’s.  I don’t know where she got it, but here it is, so that the rest of you can make killer Scotch Shortbread, too.

Instead of using sprinkles on top, I like to lightly coat the top with plain old white sugar.  And cut it BEFORE it cools.  That’s important!

As I was writing this post, I couldn’t get that song “Shortnin’ Bread” that Ethel Mertz sings in one of my favorite “I Love Lucy” episodes, “Ethel’s Hometown”.  Ethel stabs Fred, Lucy, and Ricky in the back, and puts on a “solo show” without her three sidekicks.  Or at least that’s what she thought!  I LOVE Fred and his tree!  I found Ethel’s solo show on YouTube, so you can share in the laughter!


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4 responses to “Scotch Shortbread…Shortnin’ Bread

  • Rebecca Cronister

    I loved this site! the page conveys the caring- warmth of your soul and speaks of a close walk with God through a heart that knows His Loving will for your Heart’s success and fulfillment!

    Thanks for sharing more than a recipe for short-bread!

  • Lou (Linda)

    Thank YOU! and you’re welcome. I hope you come back…one of these days I’ll get back to blogging more often…sometimes my heart and mind are too full to get anything written down…

  • Penny

    Thank you for posting this recipe! I always sing the shortnin’ song to my 5 year old so I figured I better make him some so he knew what I was talking about. We made the “killer” Scottish shortening bread today and it was indeed killer. Very tasty! Thanks again!

  • Lou (Linda)

    You are MOST welcome! Glad you enjoyed it!!!! 🙂

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