Huck, and Chuck

Two months ago I didn’t really know anything about Mike Huckabee.  

I’ve been so disappointed by the choices we have before us in regards to candidates, both Republican and Democrat.  A woman at work was telling me about this candidate that I’d not really heard anything about.  I appreciate this woman’s opinion on political matters, so I started to investigate this candidate, who, at the time, didn’t seem to have a chance to become president.  The more I learned, the more I liked what I saw in this man.  I wasn’t sure that he was a viable candidate though.  So I’m thinking I’m left with Giuliani and Thompson.  Neither thrilled me.

But then I watched the CNN/YouTube debate Wednesday night.  I came away from that with my decision pretty much made. 

Last night Greta Van Susteren had him and Chuck Norris on her show.  I not only was even more delighted with Mike Huckabee, but I gained a new appreciation for Chuck Norris as well.  See, Chuck was pretty much in the same position as I was.  He was trying to figure out who he was going to endorse.  He shared a story about two teenagers who sent him an e-mail encouraging him to support Huckabee.  I’ve heard of those teenagers before.  See, my sister used to work for their parents, and babysit their big brother years ago.  Their website is  (Check it out.  I think you might be impressed what twins Brett and Alex Harris are doing).  Anyhow, Chuck, impressed by these boys, LISTENED to what these kids had to say, and really investigated Huckabee.  And liked what he found.  Enough to decide to endorse him.

Chuck didn’t know Mike Huckabee before.  He IS friends with a number of the other Republican candidates.  And Chuck decided on Huckabee and not one of his friends.  You gotta appreciate that.

Huck and Chuck shared this campaign video.  You gotta love it.  Well, you don’t gotta, but I sure do! 

I still have some listening and watching and learning to do, but I’m pretty sure my vote will be for Mike Huckabee.

And probably more importantly, if you are a teenager (hint hint all you ZFWers and Mafia!), we’re listening to you, we really are.  Like the Harris brothers, you can make an impact.  Look at what one little e-mail did!


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One response to “Huck, and Chuck

  • Shirley

    Good morning, Linda

    About a month ago, I started reading quite a bit about Mike Huckabee, and like you, I have become very impressed with him. Were the elections held today, he would receive my vote. I’m glad to see him coming on so strong in the polls.

    Love the ad–it’s impressive and receiving much favorable comments, I believe. I also had previously visited the site of The Rebelution. Tremendous young people.

    Have great Sunday.

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