Mitchell’s Nose Is In The Wind

An hour or so ago, my cell phone alerted me to an incoming message.  It was a picture from my sister, Whitney:


Shortly thereafter, I was alerted to another incoming message.  Another photo:

I knew what this was!

But I got the full story when I called my sister.

“Grandma, how do you spell ‘this’?”

“Grandma, how do you spell ‘is’?”

“Grandma, how do you spell ‘our’?”

“Grandma, how do you spell ‘move’?”

“Grandma, how do you spell ‘ing’?”

“Grandma, how do you spell ‘box’?”

This conversation was two weeks ago.  Mitchell is ready to move.  The box contains one of his favorite shirts and his favorite toys – his treasures.  Talking with him tonight, I asked him about moving.  “I’m moving to Colorado, where you are.”  I asked when.  “When school is over.  And then I won’t go back there.  My school has a playground.  Does school there have a playground?  Does it have a really tall slide?”

And like Mitchell said, it’s a long time until school is over.  But it will go fast! 

Can’t wait to have them here!

Now, I need to find out if any of the playgrounds at the local schools have really tall slides!


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