Dan, A Wal-Mart Associate

My best friend’s parents live in Arkansas.  Though he doesn’t look it, her father Dan must be Jamaican….he has like thirty jobs.  😉

One of those jobs is a night shift at Wal-Mart.

Dan and Lorraine are prolific e-mailers.  They used to be prolific letter writers…but then the internet happened.  Boy, are they are FUNNY!  They write the most amazing vignettes.  I am lucky enough to be on the family distribution list, so I get regular e-mail updates from them.  I often, and I mean OFTEN, want to start a new blog where I would just post their e-mails, but that would be sort of rude, since they are personal notes, AND I’ve not exactly been authorized to do that!

However, tonight’s e-mail entitled “Wednesday Evening” contained a couple of sentences that I couldn’t resist:

“…they announced in our
Associate Meeting (which ends in a silly Wal-Mart Cheer) last night
that “Santa will be in EVERY Wal-Mart
…EVERY weekend…until Christmas”
…”So bring your kids and a camara”.
How is this possible? No wonder the toys all come from China…Santa is too busy
hanging out at Wal-Mart. At least Stone County is “dry” so Santa will be sober

Classic.  Just classic!

Since most of the people I know get plenty of lead and Rohypnol in their diets already, I’ve decided to “boycott” China and not buy anything that is made there or imported from there.  I have found that I needn’t bother shopping at all, so I’ll sure save a bunch of money on presents this year!


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