“By day, I sell mobile phones… My dream is to spend my life doing what I feel I that I was born to do.”

Paul Potts, unassuming cell phone salesman in the UK goes on one of those American Idol type TV talent shows, “Britain’s Got Talent”.  It even has Simon Cowell on it.

Paul says he’s there to sing opera.  In that Simon is a part of this show, I’m sort of expecting a blood bath.  All the judges sort of have this look on their faces like they’re struggling to not roll their eyes and/or giggle amongst themselves.

“Confidence has always been sort of like a difficult thing for me.”



Did you see Simon go a little slack-jawed?


“All my life I’ve felt insignificant.” 



Paul goes on to win the competition.  (Click HERE to see his website.)  Simon Cowell signed him.  His album “One Chance” has sold a million copies.  He credits his wife for getting him out there and for helping him get enough confidence to actually apply.

As the world says good-bye to a schoolteacher who couldn’t suppress his love of music, it says hello to a mobile phone salesman who somehow dug up the confidence to pursue HIS dream of opera.  I think Pavarotti would have loved the story of Paul Potts.

One last thing…Paul did not quit his day job.  He still sells mobile phones.


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4 responses to ““By day, I sell mobile phones… My dream is to spend my life doing what I feel I that I was born to do.”

  • Joanne

    I’m so glad you had Paul Potts on your blog. Mom was telling me about seeing/hearing this amazing guy on Oprah yesterday, and about how he won the American Idol competition of Britian, etc., and now I’ve gotten to see and experience some of what she was talking about! Thanks so much!

    You’re welcome! I’d had the post ready to go for some time, and then I heard that Oprah was doing a YouTube show and I thought I’d best get the post up and on Blah Blah Blog before it was completely passe! 🙂

  • Julie

    Did I give you this story???? I have had this on my computer saved and when I saw it on your blog It brought it all back……so amazing, it makes me cry!

    I know, it makes me cry too! Such an amazing story. I got an e-mail about him from Kevin’s mom and decided it needed a blog post! — L.

  • steve hansen

    he is great singer.

  • Hans

    I saw that video first in a commercial from the Deutsche Telekom, and I thought it was kind of kitschy. However, I really liked the song and started a search for it – whereupon I found the Paul Potts-video on youtube. Meanwhile I have watched it like twenty or thirty times, and it still gives me the chills. All those emotions, coming from a shy, humble man, in front of a killer jury – within twenty seconds Paul manages to win them over. A great and moving video!

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