I Heard the Pharmacist Laughing…

I have recently found a couple of blogs that are absolute gems.  They are written by emergency nurses.  I used to be one of those.  It’s not a job I’d wish on my worst enemy, and yet it can be the most rewarding job EVER.  This is the strange paradox of working in an emergency department.  I had been thinking of writing about more of my experiences, but I tellya, these nurses live the same life I did.  They have many of the same stories.  So similar in fact, I wonder if I, in a fugue state, have started these blogs myself and write all these posts and have no memory of having done so when I come back into my own senses.  Because it reflects SO much of my experiences, I have added the blog ERNursey to my blogroll.  Anyhow, I thought I would share a funny little tale that happened years ago when I first worked in an ED.

Drug addicted patients will often go to great lengths to feed their addictions and they will often end up the ED where the overworked physicians who don’t know them might, just to be expedient, write them a script to get them out of the ED .  The stories these folks tell are sometimes so amazingly complex and creative that you almost want to just give them however many Vicodin their little hearts desire simply because they’ve put so much work into trying to get them. 

And then there’s the patient who does absolutely nothing in the way of research…

Case in point…Phone rings.  I answer.  Pharmacist on the other end tells me he’s calling to verify a prescription with me.  Asks if he can fax it over to verify it’s authenticity (yes, some patients actually STEAL prescriptions, or alter the ones they are given).  Sure.  Fax it over.  The fax maching rings.  I pull the fax off the machine and start to howl.  I call back the pharmacist, who, when he hears it is me on the phone also starts to laugh in the background!  Clearly I didn’t have to verify the authenticity of the script, but the pharmacist wanted to bring a little levity to my day.  The script read thusly…

“Mofeen 10 pounds”

The doctor’s signature was forged.  I told the pharmacist to call the police on this one. 

Good grief.  Mofeen.


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3 responses to “I Heard the Pharmacist Laughing…

  • ERnursey

    Thank you for the link. I recently dealt with an altered RX, the patient changed 10 to 100. Unfortunately the rocket scientist used a different colored pen. Duh.

    It defies comprehension, it truly does! Thanks for dropping in on my blog! Love yours! — L.

  • Nursing LPN to BSN

    My brother-in-law is an ER Nurse. I don’t think he’d ever do anything different. He love his work. He loves the excitement and he loves to tell stories.

  • Lou (Linda)

    Thanks for dropping in! Looks like you are on your way to getting your RN license, too! Good call. Perhaps you’ll enjoy a career in the ER, too?

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