Fall Backward

If it had been spring, I would have been early to church on Sunday.

But it’s fall.  And I have a clock that automatically resets itself for daylight savings times.  My alarm clock doesn’t read the news or watch TV.  So it didn’t realize that Congress had decided to change the date that we would “fall back”.

And it woke me up an hour late on Sunday.  I don’t have that much wiggle room in my schedule.  My clock said it was 10:20, which would have given me plenty of time to make the 11:00 service.

Only it was actually 11:20.  Something I discovered when I checked my cell phone for texts which might have come in while I slept.

So I listened to church online!  Another really great message.  Click HERE to listen.

(Pastor Matt Heard is on Part 19, yes you read that correctly, Part 19 of his series  “Loving Life – A Journey Through the Gospel of John.”) 

Did any of your electronic devices “throw you”?  Were you late to, or did you miss anything?

Note to self:  remember to manually reset alarm clock (that you bought primarily because you didn’t have to remember to manually reset) when it actually IS time to fall back…


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2 responses to “Fall Backward

  • Shirley

    Hi, Linda-

    Nope, not fouled up by time problems here in Arizona. Smart people–they don’t observe daylight savings time.

    Remember when you posted a picture of a dragonfly sometime back? I’d like to use that picture on a fiction piece I’m working on. If you can find it, and don’t mind letting me use it, let me know where it is and I’ll copy it. Give you credit, or course. 🙂

    Hi Shirley. Those Arizonans really do have it all together. I e-mailed the full size photo to you so you can resize it however you need to. If anyone is interested in what picture Shirley is asking about, you can see it here: http://flickr.com/photos/skiptomylou/1502841522/.

  • Shirley

    Linda, I went to flickr and spirited away the dragonfly. Thank you. 🙂

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