I can’t WAIT until November 13th!

THAT is when the new Teen Missions teams for 2008 are revealed. 

There is a “sneak peak” link on the Teen Missions web page though!  So far only names, no team descriptions.

Early Boot Camp:

  • Malawi
  • Orphan Angels
  • Kilimanjaro Backpack
  • Sweden
  • Belize
  • Ireland
  • Samoa
  • Belgium

Super Boot Camp:

  • Madagascar
  • Greece
  • Uganda
  • South Africa Foot Washing
  • France
  • Mongolia
  • Cambodia
  • India
  • China
  • Australia Skateboard
  • Australia Work
  • Fiji
  • Egypt
  • Around the World
  • Cameroon Backpack
  • Siberia
  • Guyana Riverboat
  • Malawi Orphan Choir
  • Amazon River
  • Zambia Foot Washing
  • Wales/Iceland
  • Orphan Angels

I don’t know what the specific project is for most of these teams.  Is there a team that jumps out at me?  Sure there is.  There are a few, in fact.  I e-mailed leadership placement at Teen Missions to let them know that, unless God leads in another direction, that I would love to lead another team next summer.  Where?  Dunno.  Not sure yet what God has in mind for me.

That Amazon River team gets my attention.  Africa.  Lots of Africa teams there.  Perhaps you KNOW how much I want to return to Africa.  I wonder what the Malawi team will be doing.  Cambodia?  India? 

I’ll find out in a month.  Perhaps I’ll see the team description and just KNOW…

You can bet I’ll be checking www.teenmissions.org all day long on the November 13th until the teams are posted!

It’s funny I think.  Two years ago I was petrified of leading a team.  This past summer I was ambivalent.  This year I am praying that I get to lead another one.  Two years ago I would have never imagined that this is where my heart would be today.


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