Darn Cute

My nephew Mitchell loves to play on the computer.  He’s only five, but he has very good fine motor skills and knows all about how to navigate through simple game and learning programs.  I don’t think anybody taught him much.  I mean, I showed him how to use the glide pad on one of my earlier visits, but that’s about it.  I think kids these days absorb computer and electronics ability through the air or something.  I load up a CD for him, and he’s off and running, typing his name in, right clicking, left clicking, entering, etc.  Anyway, I think he likes my visits because I bring my laptop when I come.  His cousins (Richard and Alaska) won’t let him play with their laptops (and if I were them, I wouldn’t either), but I let him play with mine.  And he will play on it for hours.  One day while using my computer (during my visit last month), he got up and went to the living room where it was quieter.  I peeked out into the living room a few moments later and this is what I saw…

Big couch.  Big boy.  Little boy.

Darn cute.

The day I left I asked Mitchell when he was going to come and visit me.  His answer?

“Wellllll.  Actually.  I’m going to come and LIVE to you!”


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2 responses to “Darn Cute

  • Whitney

    First, Not sure I’m liking the reverse style of your blog. Need to retrain the eyes.
    Secondly, Love the body language. His toe. He is into what he is doing.

    Hey Whit. I know that the white on black is somewhat difficult to read. But the black background is a much better one for pictures. I’m working on getting used to it, too. We’ll see how long the new style sticks around! Yes! Great body language. Didn’t remember that the toe was a concentration indicator. His legs look exactly like yours, too, btw! 🙂

    Soooo, when are you going to come and “live to me”? 🙂 — Lou

  • MasterP

    What is a Glide pad?

    Master P: It is the little square on a laptop that you run your finger over to move your cursor instead of using a mouse. Also a touch pad.

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