My New Favorite Foot Picture

Every once in awhile, one of my foot pictures jumps out at me.  This is one of those pictures.  I just love it.  I love the colors, the composition, the textures, and the shadows.  AND it was associated with a really fun trip!   

Left to right this is my sister Liz, my sister Whitney, Liz’ best friend Rhonda, and me.  Clearly 🙂 we are in Ensenada.  Mexico.  This was our port of call on our Royal Carribean Cruise there in September…a trip taken to celebrate Liz’ 40th birthday.


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3 responses to “My New Favorite Foot Picture

  • M. A. Barges

    In the 60’s, the last time I was there, Ensenada had an old Bullring wherein on Sundays anyone with the courage/stupidity could “fight the bull”. Of course the bull’s horns were trimmed and padded but the possibility of injury was still there.

  • Lady Luck


    I was amazed to see this photo – bcause I often take foot photos myself! I didn’t know others were as “nutty” as me!!!

    I’ve got one of my sons (when they were teenagers) with their friends all wearing “Bovva boots” and another taken at a friends 40th birthday party (fancy dress) where we all wearing rock N roll shoes! They’re such fun!

    Happy Thanksgiving, Jan! Apparently I am in good “nutty” company with my foot photos! 🙂

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