Koni’s CRAAAAAZY Couponing!

While on this most recent vacation of mine, I visited my friend Koni and her family in Phoenix.  She was telling me about this couponing thing she does and gets insane stuff for practically no money.  I always appreciate a good bargain, and toy with some very amateurish coupon use myself.  I was amazed at the stories she told about what she got and for how much!  Then yesterday I got this from Koni!  WOW!!!! 

We had talked about my couponing and I wanted to brag a little bit since I knew you’d be suitably impressed!  (everyone else has heard all my savings stories). Today, I bought 40 boxes of Quaker products:

9 sweet & salty granola bars
10 – chewy choc. chip granola
4 – regular oatmeal (boxes of ind. packets)
8 low sugar oatmeal (”  ” “)
6 life cereal
3 cap’n crunch cereal

Grand total:  $16.00
Savings: $134.00

Before you say, “Holy cow!  What are you going to do with all that stuff?!!!!” 
All the oatmeal goes to my grandma and a charity, same with at least half of the granola bars.  We’ll eat the cereal.  They were out of my low sugar syrup – so I’ll get that next week (10 bottles for $5.00) and I forgot my coupon for a free pkg. of fresh express spinach leaves.  So I’ll get that too!

Crazy, huh!!!!!

Oh yeah!  A few days ago, I got 2 cartons of Breyer’s ice cream, 2 boxes of eggo waffles and 2 small ind. blue bunny ice creams for $6.00 – they gave me a coupon for $5.00 off my next order – so I”ll do it again and pay only $1.00!! (and it will generate another free $5.00 coupon!)  It’s nuts!

She actually uses an online service.  It is www.couponsense.com.  If you are interested they have it for many different areas, but it’s hard to figure out just from the website.  She says contact one of the managers and they’ll help get you started.  Koni also says that there’s quite a learning curve at the beginning, but after a year it’s easy for her to save huge amounts of money!  I’m just a singleton, so I don’t know if this would be something I could use, but gee, if you have a family, and can get all this stuff for so little money, investing a little time and energy could REALLY pay off!



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One response to “Koni’s CRAAAAAZY Couponing!

  • Koni

    You are so funny! Today’s purchase: 4 – 1/2 gallons Breyer’s ice cream, 3 pkg eggo waffles, 1 contessa frozen meal for a family (orange chicken and rice – yum!), 4 indiv. blue bunny ice creams, 3 jars salsa, 1 gallon milk, 1 pkg. sausage links – grand total: $4.50, plus another coupon for $5.00 off my next visit!!!!

    Love you, Lou!

    Holy Magoley. That’s just amazing! Strong work, Koni! Love you, too! 🙂 — Lou

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