…Jiggedy Jig

Home again.  Home again!  I have spent much time away from home since moving to Colorado.  This latest trip took me to Utah, Nevada, Arizona, California, and Wyoming.  And Mexico!  Almost forgot Mexico.  I was gone for three weeks.  This trip was a driving trip.  It ended up being MUCH more driving than I had planned at the beginning.  The final tally?  Four thousand four hundred and fifty eight miles driven!  Yikes.  I haven’t even bothered to add up all the tanks of gas I bought.  I am only hoping that the trip falls into two different credit card billing cycles, and doesn’t all show up on one bill!  🙂  I am going to have to do some serious carbon footprint penance for this little vacay of mine!  😉 

Highlights?  Driving Utah’s Highway 128 (post on that to follow) on the way to Arches National Park.  Spending 9/17 with Phil sharing memories, stories, Dom Perigon and Creme Broulee.  My family’s meeting about and decision to start our own ministry to work alongside “Connie’s Heart” in Africa.  (Much more on this as things develop).  Seeing Janet, Shawn, Susie, Abner, and Koni.  Sharing a stateroom with my sister Liz on her birthday cruise to Mexico (and winning the onboard “Pictionary” competition with all three of my sisters).  Taking my four nieces and nephews (Phil’s kids) for haircuts.  Having lunch with Liz and her son Louis.  Shopping for Donna’s jewelry store in L.A.’s jewelry district.  There were others, too.  But I need to post my “I am home” post before I leave again!  🙂

(Lowlights?  Sure.  Had some of those, too.  But we won’t talk about those here and now!)

Watched a couple of movies.  I forced myself to watch “An Inconvenient Truth”.  It was my latest Netflix offering.  I dragged it to Cali specifically to watch with my friend, Shawn.  I had started to watch it a number of times prior to watching it with her, but failed as it was sooooo bad.  So we watched it together and lamented that a movie so poorly made and sophomoric was awarded an Oscar.  I have lost whatever shred of respect I had for the academy.  I’ve seen better films made by junior highers on YouTube.  I also tried to watch “Spiderman 3” while on the cruise to Mexico, but fell asleep each time.  I have added it to my Netflix queue so that I can see the ending.  I need to find out if Peter lost Aunt Mae’s wedding ring!

I ate at my favorite Mexican restaurant, La Capilla.  I also dined at some of my fave joints that don’t have franchises here in Colorado.  Like “Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf” (a Starbuck’s competitor which is far superior), Togo’s (a Subway competitor which is FAR superior), El Pollo Loco (a char chicken joint), and In ‘N’ Out (by far best burger in the known universe AND a mean pink lemonade to boot!).

I got home yesterday afternoon after spending most of the three day time span before getting home in the front seat of my car either driving or sleeping.  I worked today.  I’m wiped out.  I’m glad to be home, but could have spent weeks longer seeing friends.  I really wanted to try to see Yosemite and Yellowstone, but that will have to be another trip.  I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to wrangle a trip to Washington for a wedding the first week of November and then a Chicago trip for Thanksgiving later that month. 

Thanks to Mike and Brandy for taking such good care of my Mew!  She was spoiled rotten, but I think she’s glad I’m home.  Not a lap cat, she has spent much time there since I got home. 

Thanks Whitney and Mitchell for sharing their space with me and for putting up with all my junk in their room.

Thanks to Phil for his friendship and love.  Phil…I’m prenvious of you!   🙂

(Why do you suppose some of my emoticons are turned into animated faces, and some are left as punctuation?)


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2 responses to “…Jiggedy Jig

  • Shirley

    Hi Linda (Lou)

    Sounds as though you have been involved in deep, wonderful, uproarious living. Congratulations on taking such days and weeks.

    Your writing and pictures are exceptional.

    Blessings always,

    Shirley Buxton

    Hi Shirley! Thanks! And God has indeed blessed me with one of the all time great lives. I don’t know what I ever did to deserve it…

  • Larry

    I am totally jealous. Did you get me a t-shirt? I need a road trip, oh well maybe Christmas break. Glad you had a good time and a safe trip. Don’t get me started on Al Gore.


    Ah, sorry! Forgot your shirt. I’ll remember it next time! I highly recommend the road trip thing. Christmas sounds like a perfect time for one! Sorry about mentioning Algore…. 🙂

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