Scenic Byway

Some days ago I posted “Understatement“.  I thought it was time to share more on that as promised.  The pictures don’t do justice to what I was actually seeing and experiencing.  And pictures lack the ability to share the warm wind you feel on your face and in your hair.  Pictures lack the the ability to share the faint scent of desert sand, scrub grass, and river water.  These pictures captured are a single tile of the huge mosaic of beauty which surrounded me on all sides, came up to meet my feet, and covered me from above. 

I was driving along, enjoying the river whose path the highway mirrored, when this

came into view.  These spires were MILES in the distance and yet they were monstrously huge.  Every time I turned a corner I was treated to some new and awesome expanse of beauty.  Like this

for example!  This also was incredibly far off in the distance.  My breath was literally taken away.  I stopped my car at frequent intervals just to step out to smell and listen to the wind while doing 360 degree turns and taking in the magnificance of God’s creation.

Near the end of the highway, the canyon walls moved closer together, the river lazed between them.  I stopped.  And stopped.  And stopped again.  It took me hours to drive the 25 mile or so highway.  I saw very few other vehicles as I drove.  Mostly I was alone with my thoughts and the savage beauty of this place.


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