Before and After

I haven’t been blogging much lately.  I’m on vacation and just haven’t had much quiet time in order to do so.  The problem with NOT blogging regularly is that my head just gets filled and I end up with so many thoughts that I doubt most of the things I want to write about will ever get written.  (In addition to the dozens and dozens of things I want to write about that I haven’t even started, I have 118 drafts currently sitting in my draft box in varying stages of completion all waiting to be posted.  Yikes.)

Yesterday was event day here.  My nephew Mitchell had a soccer game.  So did my nephew Jonathan.  And my nephew Richard had a robotics event.  I did get to see both games, and part of the robotics event.

At Mitchell’s game, I just happened to have the camera trained on him when he did a knee kick and I was able to capture it on film.  Here it is:

Too bad it was filled with people and dirt piles and fencing.  I wondered if I could photoshop any of that stuff out.  I figured that I could at least try.  So I pulled it up in Photo Impact and gave it a try.  I am so tickled with the result.  Mind you, if you zoom in on it, it looks TERRIBLE, but from a distance, it looks like (what Richard calls) a Mitchell Trading Card!

I don’t usually manipulate my photos except for cropping.  But I’m delighted to have learned this new skill nonetheless.  Here’s my Mitchell Trading Card…

Never trust any photograph that you see in a magazine!  I’m not even sure you should trust any photograph you see at all unless it has some sort of disclaimer swearing that no manipulation was done to it.  Heck, if I can do it, who can’t???

The house is momentarily quiet.  All have gone to church.  I need to pack while I have the place to myself.   But I HAD to post something!  🙂

Now that I’ve gotten one post out of my head, I best get to that packing before the house fills back up with kids!


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