“It’s like a horror movie, only horribler…”

We (my brother, his four kids, and I) were on our way back from eating the most fabulous BBQ Tri-tip sandwiches out at a take-out place called “Green Acres” in Simi Valley.  This was an eating establishment that my brother found as a result of his being a freight delivery guy and driving all over So Cali.  (My family is committed to driving great distances to enjoy the best taste sensations.  This trip was no exception and was easily 60 miles each way…  Worth the drive?  Oh, you bet.)  I am giving the “Green Acres” Farmer’s Market’s BBQ Tri-tip sandwich my “unpaid product endorsement”.  Google it yourself and see what others have to say about it!

“Have you ever seen the Wizard of Oz house?” my brother asked as we entered his neighborhood on the way back home.  I had, but only briefly, and I’d been wanting to take pictures of it.  So we decided to swing by the house on our way back home.  This house is an abomination really.  We all decided it might not be TOO bad to live next to it, but it would be a daily horror to live across from it.  I may go back at a later date and try to get a few more good pictures.  However, the streets in town are narrow and it’s hard to get far enough back to encompass the whole monstrosity in a single frame. 

As I am shooting various aspects of the front of the house my eight year-old niece Avalon piped up with her opinion on what the experience of this house was like for her.

“It’s like a horror movie, only horribler…”

Go ahead!  Enter that gate if you dare!

 Every house needs a “mission statement” plaque imbedded in the front wall, doesn’t it?

This is what meets you by the front door.  (Was that baby in the movie?) 



I must admit to a certain degree of morbid curiosity as to what the INSIDE of this house looks like…and to an even greater degree of curiosity as to what the people are like who live there!  🙂 


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3 responses to ““It’s like a horror movie, only horribler…”

  • Diana

    You need to notify George on HGTV. I can’t think of his last name. He hosts a show, “What’s With That House”. He takes a TV tour of the outside and inside of unusual homes in CA. He always has an interview w/the family of the house. George is unusual himself, but I like him! Lots of energy and creativity.
    Miss you! but have a great time w/your family.

  • Jim

    Beauty is in the eye of the creator. When the government, or neighbors, decides what is pretty, we are all in trouble of losing far greater rights.

    I would not want the government to be involved in what I did with my personal property, but I believe that neighbors should not be so self-centered as to do something to their property which is so not in keeping with how others generally keep their property. I would also not want my neighbors to keep fifteen barking dogs in their front yard, or have cars up on blocks in their driveway, or let their property fall into disrepair. It’s not about the personal interpretation of beauty, it’s about the lack of community interest when you live in a community setting…

  • Barb

    I’m fascinated by this. Is it really called the Wizard of Oz House? And where exactly is it in California? I may have to make a trip.

    I don’t know if it’s called the Wizard of Oz House per se. All I know is that my family calls it that. It’s in the South Bay. Can’t tell you exactly where. Don’t like to give out lots of direct info on my family in such a public venue. But I’m sure you could find it with a little investigation! 🙂 — Lou

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