The Cash Equivalent

Some of you in reading the title of this post already know what I’m going to write about.  Most of you don’t.  Those of you who do know are probably chuckling just a little bit to yourselves…

Richard.  My nephew.  Since he was young I have had fascinating discussions with him about finances, and investments, etc.  I remember one day when he was just about five we were talking about risk versus rewards when it came to what to do with money.  He wanted to know about his options for investing.  At five years old his little mind was doing an assessment of what level of risk he was comfortable with.  He decided that when he came into any money, like on his birthday, or whatever, that he would put half of it aside to invest and possibly spend the other half on something he wanted.  We discussed straight savings accounts, CDs, stocks, and real estate.  His first goal was to save enough in his savings account to be able to invest in a CD.  A few years ago he told me his goal was to be able to buy a house.  I think he was 12 or 13 at the time.  I don’t know how close he is to that goal, but I do know that he continues to save his money avidly.  How do I know this?  Well, he’d much rather have the cash equivalent than get presents or gifts along the way.  Not your “usual” child, for years the only thing on his “wish list” for Christmas has been “money”.  This has expanded somewhat beyond Christmas and birthdays.  I heard that this past summer while vacationing with his family, when they’d stop to buy souvenir sweatshirts or souvenir whatevers, he’d ask for the cash equivalent instead, and then he’d write down that amount and keep a running tab of what his Dad (my brother) would be giving him when the cash equivalency was finally paid out to him!  🙂  I wonder what the final total was!

Apparently this “may I have the cash equivalent instead” approach to receiving gifts has extended beyond the family.  Two weeks ago I went up to visit him in northern Colorado where he was visiting his best friend and his best friend’s family.  I heard from the best friend’s sister that Richard was given an iPod Nano for his birthday.  She laughed as she told me what her mother had had engraved on the back of it for him!  Here you go….but you probably already guessed it…

It appears that the answer this time was an engraved “no”!  🙂


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One response to “The Cash Equivalent

  • Whitney

    I live with the lad/young man and until now, had no idea that his iPod had been engraved with heart felt sentiment. Yeesh!!

    Ahhh, the things you learn when you read my blog! 🙂 — Lou

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