Adult Sized??

I have 111 blog posts in varying stages of life (and in many cases of decay) sitting in my “draft” box here at “Blah Blah Blog”.  Some of them are simply titles that exist to trigger my memory that I want to write about that certain thing.  Some are drafts that I’ve been working on here and there since I started this blog. 

My little sister should probably be sharing this little gem on her blog, but I’m pretty sure she won’t get around to it.  She’s actually a very busy human being and doesn’t have time like I do to putter around on a blog!  🙂

So, she (my sister, Whitney) takes her son (Mitchell) to get some new shoes for school.  She decided to get him a  pair of VANS.  We all used to wear Vans when we were younger and it was a big outing for all of us to load up in the VW bus and head off to one of the original Vans Shoes stores to get new sneaks for the school year.  That was back in the days when there was one style that came in only a handful of colors!  I still have a pair of those classic blue Vans that I got in junior high school.  True.  They’re in my closet as we speak!  A couple of years ago they somehow became about a size too small.  I can’t wear them any longer.  But I can’t throw them away, either!  🙂

Anyway!  Whitney and Mitchell pick out a $35 pair and take them to check out.  When the total comes up on the register, the shoes actually cost $48!!  My sister questioned the disparity in the price listed IN the display shoe and the price now showing on the register.

WELLLLLLLLL….it turns out that size three and below was $35.  Bigger than size three was $48.  Mitchell’s shoes?  Size 3 1/2.  Why the jump in price?  Size three and below are junior sizes.  Size 3 1/2 and above are ADULT sizes.  I knew Mitchell was a big kid, but he hasn’t started kindergarten yet (he starts tomorrow)!  But he has to pay (or to be more accurate, his mother has to pay) for adult sized shoes?  Hey!  He can’t get into PG-13 movies by himself.  Why are his shoes adult priced???  🙂

My sister had a flash-forward as she shelled out the $48.  “I saw myself with Mitchell at 17 wearing sized 20 shoes and having to pay extra to have them made to fit him…I might as well get used to paying more for his shoes now!”

I guess at some point shoes have to go up in cost to account for the increased materials and time needed to assemble them.  But there’s something sooooo wrong about a five-year old paying for adult sized shoes, isn’t there??  Made me laugh!


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