Phishing for Spam

The spammer scammers have been working overtime today!  Let’s see, so far today…

…I have (yet again!) been selected as a category B European Lottery winner.  All I needed to do was to fill out the “datas bellow” to start the payment process!  Lucky me! 

…”eBay” was attempting to contact me (on an e-mail account not linked in any way to my eBay account) for payment of an item that, you guessed it, I never bid on.

…”PayPal” tried to get me to cough up a bunch information to verify my account as someone was attempting to access it “from overseas”.  PS…my PayPal account is inactive due to my not providing them with a new credit card after I cancelled my old one. 

These folks are so smart and clever that they could probably find a cure for cancer if they’d put their minds to work on THAT.  Instead they probably stay up nights trying to perfect their scams.  I’m telling you, other than the clearly bogus lottery thing, these sites look REAL.  I guess it’s a good thing I’m a natural born skeptic…


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