….is Logan.  (Isn’t he cute??)

Logan was my assistant leader this past summer.  He was my right hand person.  He’d been on a couple of Teen Missions teams before as a team member, but this was his first time in a leadership position.

Logan was 18 for most of the summer (he had his 19th birthday a few days before we all headed home).  Despite his youth he maintained an air of leadership and “the kids” responded to his authority.  It would have been very difficult for me if they hadn’t.  (But I needn’t have worried…he did great.  Honestly, at this point of my life, having seen God always work things out, I don’t know why I bother ever worrrying about anything!)

Back to Logan.  Logan is a super-hero of sorts…

Logan is part man, part teflon.  Dirt didn’t stick to him, or to his clothing.  He also didn’t seem to sweat.  And his clothing never appeared rumpled.  Logan always looked fresh, smelled fresh, and appeared to have just put whatever he was wearing on.  In stark contrast, I would take my bucket bath and exit the bathroom already sweating with my clothes already damp and already smelling as though I’d just finished running a marathon.  This amazing ability that Logan had to look and be clean and fresh prompted the saying “Logan!  It looks like you just got here!”.  This was something that was yelled at him frequently over the course of the summer.  And he always smelled like he just got there, too, as he always had a bottle of Tag available to freshen up with!

I would be sweating in a light cotton T-shirt and lightweight cotton pajama pants.  Logan could wear a long sleeved dress shirt over a tank top with heavy belted pants on and not break a bead anywhere!  It’s a mystery, really.

Logan starts Bible College in a few days.  His school is in Florida.  His super-hero attributes will, I’m sure, come in handy down there in the swamps!  🙂 

Thanks, Logi Bear!  I couldn’t have done it without you!  Good luck in school!


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One response to “Logan

  • Jenna


    I dont know you or Logan, but i was searching some things on Google…and your site came up, so I looked at you stuff…

    then i decided to comment on this photo because quite frankly he is cute, and no one has commented (I think…), so I figured why not…

    so ya, thats it, thanks,

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