High School Musical

I met this totally amazing woman this past summer.  She was the head leader of the Teen Missions’ Trinidad team.  Her name is Elissa.  I liked her right away because she was always laughing about something.  We were instant friends. 

(This is me and Elissa five minutes after we met…) 

Then, when I discovered that we shared a fanaticism, I knew we were friends for life.  That fanaticism?  The TV show “Arrested Development“.  (BTW, my brother Phil ALSO shares this fanaticism).  So, when Elissa told me about Disney’s “High School Musical“, I figured I should rent it.  Netflix delivered it to my mailbox yesterday.  I watched it at 2:00 this morning.

Five stars!  What a great production!  Kitschy?  Indeed.  Cheesy?  Most assuredly.  And 100% worthy of being added to your personal DVD library.  This movie is fun to listen to, fun to look at, and squeaky clean in a way I’ve not seen in a long time.  The main character, Troy, is absolutely precious.  I’m truly not sure how many young actors could have pulled this off without seeming, well, geeky and miscast!


This movie is not only fun, it actually has some really good messages that come across in a way that is actually effective.  So many times movies or T.V. shows that try to get a message through make me groan with their awkwardness.  Not this movie!  It’s allllllll good.

So go rent (or buy) it!  I give HSM my highest rating of No Blahs!  🙂  Thanks Elissa!!!!

Off to find HSM II! 


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6 responses to “High School Musical

  • Linda (in SC)

    I wholeheartedly agree! HSM 2 is just as good, too! Troy reminded me of my teen idol~David Cassidy! Word is that there’s a HSM 3 in the works~hope it’s not too much of a good thing.

  • Katie Beth Wilcke

    Hey lou– that’s cool thatyou like high school musical!! I wanted to sing those songs this summer, but their not very christian…. oh well. i get to sing them plenty with my sister now. yeah. something funny, whenever i am anywhere anymore a non christian song pops in my head and then i think, oops, i’m not allowed to sing it. so sad. but then i remember that I am not a teen missions anymore. wow–the things tmi makes you think:D from KB

  • Becca B

    I am proud of you for discovering HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL. We watched that at the reunion at Kellie’s house, and unfortunately since I have regular TV, I missed the premeire of HSM2. Our very own Kellie Rock knows the dance moves and words to that “Right Beside Me” song.
    Janel all summer would say after something “sad” or “bad”, “But that’s okay! Cuz…we’re all in this together!!!”

    I must say. I know all the words. I watched the first part with 6 yr old Ashton at church on Wednesday after youth group. Yep.

  • Rebecca Fair

    Thanks for meeting Elissa, I was on her team this summer and I’m sure it ment alot to her when we came back :-}

  • spatulahandle

    I got High School Musical for my daughter for her birthday this year…we had never seen it before and we, my kids and I just loved it. My daughter and youngest son watch it over and over. We haven’t seen the second one yet, but I took my daughter a few weeks ago to see the third one and I was tapping my toes in the theater. It was so fun!!!

  • Lou (Linda)

    Yes! Such good clean fun movies. Glad you liked it, too, and that I’m not the only older girl who can appreciate that kind of entertainment!

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