Am I Gone?

This is what happens when you start doing things like scanning stuff into your computer.  You run across all kinds of stuff that trigger memories and then I’m compelled to blog on those memories.  I have soooo many other things to write about, and yet, I am writing about THIS!  🙂 

Five or so years ago, my friend Kevin and I took a trip back east.  Our primary destination was Houghton College in Houghton, New York.  Houghton is a small town about an hour south of Buffalo.  We both started out there as freshman back in 1983.  I only went for one year, but Kevin went on to graduate.  We were going back for our 15 year reunion.  I’m not sure how I ended up on the alumni list, but I am, and as such, I get invited to all the alumni stuff, like reunions.

I meet up with Kevin in Chicago and we fly to Buffalo where we rent a car.  As we are driving through town, we pass this funenral home that caught my eye.  “STOP THE CAR!!” I yelled.  “We’ve GOT to take pictures by that sign.”  I thought at first it was a joke.  But it wasn’t.  This funeral home was called Amigone.  Am I gone?  HA! 

This trip also took us to the Anchor Bar for some Buffalo wings where Buffalo wings were invented.  (Back in 1983 wings hadn’t yet become ubiquitous, in fact most people didn’t yet know what they were, and I discovered the delicacy in the basement snack bar of our student center.)  And we went to Niagara Falls.  While in Niagara, we decided to take a spontaneous trip up to Toronto since I’d never been there only to find that we arrived on the same day as the POPE and that it was World Youth Day in Toronto and there were tens of thousands of people in from out of town, and just TRY to find any hotel vacancies!  Good timing, huh?  Didn’t get to see the pope, but Toronto is sure a lovely town.  Had some really good Japanese food there, too.

What a fun trip that was!  🙂

Hey!  That was five years ago.  I guess I missed the 20 year reunion this past summer!


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