One Reason Why I Love My Brother So Much!

But I’ll get to that in a minute.  I got my scanner working again today.  My scannner has a ghost in the machine.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.  Seems like it decides when it’s going to cooperate, or not.  I wanted to scan some tax documents in, so I gave it a try today, to see if it would work.  And it did!  So I’ve been spending much of my day scanning “stuff” into my computer.  I even scanned an entire scrapbook in.  The story on that?  Well, 26 years ago when I first when on Teen Missions to Haiti, there was a girl on my team from Mechanicsburg, PA named Rhonda.  This past May when I got the list of the names of the kids that would be on my team there was a girl named Ciara with the same last name as Rhonda, from a town pretty close to Mechanicsburg.  I wondered if they were in some way related.  AND THEY WERE!  Seems that Rhonda and Ciara are aunt and niece.  I decided to scan in some pictures from Rhonda’s and my summer together to send to Ciara.  But then I decided to just scan the whole scrapbook.

For the amusement of those who have only known me as an adult, especially for the amusement of the kids from my teams both last summer and this, here is a picture of me from that summer.  I was 16.  This was taken the day we mixed concrete and poured the floor to this house for 12 hours straight…

This one was taken the day we went to a chicken hatchery to pick up some chicks for our missionary.  I thought I was fat when these pictures were taken!  Crazy.

I think maybe some day I’ll do some posts on Haiti, my experiences there, and the way my life was fundamentally changed by spending a summer there.  Especially now that I have some visual aids at my disposal!

So what does this have to do with my brother?  Well, as I am naming and saving a bunch of credit card statements to my hard drive after scanning them, my cell phone rings, and it’s my big brother, Phil.  He called to tell me that he had prepared a comment to my “Cool Hand Luke” posting, and was sending it right then, and he wanted me to read it!  So, he hits submit and two seconds later I am reading it back to him over the phone.  And it’s AWESOME.  (I know, God is awesome, maybe this is just super fantastic).  Here is what Phil had to say:

the whole christ thing in this movie has always bothered me. you sit there watching this really great movie and suddenly it warps into this christ thing at the end of the movie. it almost ruins the movie. in fact it does ruin the movie. the whole movie except for the last half hour or so of that christ thing is about luke’s way of confronting life. if i remember correctly, it opens with him cutting off the meters from parking meter poles while in a drunken stupor. his only way of “raging against the machine” is to preform this act of futility. he is immediately on the outs with the prison “tough guy” when he gets to prison which precipitates the fight scene in which he wins the fight by getting the s–t kicked out of him over and over and over because he refuses to stop the futile act of continually getting up. in the poker scene he wins the big pot with no cards in his hand by the futile act of continually “kicking a buck”. luke throughout the movie never gives up while committing his acts of futility. the futile act of paving the road at a breakneck pace(they’d just be out there again the next day paving away so why the rush) leads to a half of a day of doing nothing but relaxing. so what do we learn from luke in this movie until the christ thing muddies the clarity of this movie. the lesson of this movie is luke’s approach to his futile life. “rage against the machine”, never ever give up. and when you’re beaten down, with no hope, and there is no escaping your certain and inevitable demise, when you are spent and all that is left to you is nothing, you throw that at the world too!!! after all “sometimes nothing can be a pretty cool hand”. cool hand luke is one of my all time favorite movies-i don’t even watch that last half hour christ thing anymore.

And now, after reading Phil’s comment and discussing the movie with him, I now have a good understanding of what the movie is about, until it gets muddled by what my brother calls “the Christ thing”.  It’s about futility.  As Luke himself says “sometimes nothing can be a pretty cool hand.”  And THAT, ladies and gentleman, is what the movie is all about!  My brother is brilliant!! 

And THAT is one reason why I love my brother so much!

(We had a good laugh, too.  My brother is a very funny guy, but that would be two reasons why I love my brother so much, now wouldn’t it?!)


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