Cheap Gas?

While driving to our hotel in London where we’d stay for a day and a half before heading home to the U.S., one of my kids said “Wow!  Gas is even cheaper here than it is in Sicily!  We should move here!”.  I looked over to see what gas price she was referring to and saw the price listed at the local gas station as 99P, or 99 Pence (just about 1 Pound), per liter.  I quickly did the math… 1 Pound X the exchange rate of 2.2 USD to a Pound, X approximately four liters to a gallon = approximately $8.80 per gallon for gas. 

The gas in Sicily was 1.35 Euros per liter.  The math… 1.35 Euros X the exchange rate of 1.4 USD to a Euro X approximately four liters to a gallon = $7.56 per gallon for gas.

After explaining to my kids about what gas REALLY costs in London and in Sicily, we all decided we were pretty glad to live in America where gas was relatively cheap.

Now, if you live in America, put down your $4.00 Starbucks ($4.00 for 16 ounces/one pint X 8 pints in a gallon = $32/gallon)  and stop complaining about how expensive your gas is. 

Adjusting for inflation, gas now costs about what it did in the 1970’s and 80’s.  Except back then you could only buy it every other day…


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5 responses to “Cheap Gas?

  • abbydonkrafts

    People do tend to have a perspective problem, especially those who indulge in their overpriced coffee and drive in their SUVs to restaurants every day. It could always be worse.

    The main problem we have here in the States is the lack of truely fuel-efficient vehicles. The Europeans have higher gas prices, but their cars tend to get better mileage. But, since people over here beg for tanks, car companies are in no hurry to make cars that get 50MPG. The cars that do are so expensive that the average person can’t justify the cost.

  • Lou (Linda)

    True! American car companies and dealers are only giving the people what they want. And Europeans do drive itty bitty gas sippers. And the thing is, even if you COULD afford to drive an SUV over there, most of the streets in these old cities sure wouldn’t accommodate even a modestly sized American SUV! In the Sicilian towns we visited, the itty bitty cars needed to be parked up on many of the sidewalks (also very narrow) so that cars could continue to pass the streets at all.

  • Katie Beth Wilcke

    haha–this is funny! Yeah I never say anything whether gas is cheap or expensive. back in 2001 when people were complaining about like $1.80 or whatever it was, we were in the Bahamas and it costed like $3.65… gas prices will always be up and down–that’s why we have to budget money more wisely. haha. miss you lou!!!

  • Prevo_Pilot

    i’ll just bet the Queen’s Parliment doesn’t grant $100,000.00 tax credits for purchasing Hummers like Bush’s FORMER Congress (Republican majority) did…Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats in Congress said enough!

  • Lou (Linda)

    Huh? Not sure of your point and how it relates to this post, but thanks for dropping in on my blog!

    And there’s an “a” in parliAment, btw. Just lettin’ you know…

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