Now, now, before you get all excited because I missed so blatant a typo, please consider THIS sign posted on a main thoroughfare through my town: 


“Stuff the Bus” is one of the latest feelgood programs going around the United States.  Many of the local businesses and media outlets are trying to collect school supplies for the public school children.  “So that they can learn”.  You know what???  You don’t need a bunch of school supplies in order to learn.  What you need is motivation, both in the kids and in the parents and in the teachers.  We really do need to stop throwning money at this problem called the public school system.  I doubt that the reason this sign looks the way it does is because not enough kids had their own box of crayons. 

I read a number of “stuff the bus” websites.  Many of the events are sponsored by school systems.  That’s just weird to me.  I think all school systems need to be harshly audited and NOW.  I want to know where all the money is being spent.  Once I see that the fat has truly been trimmed, then I’ll decide if I need to dig deeper into my pockets for crayons.  And all the sites had some sort of mention that the items collected go to low income families and the like.  Now just how is THAT decided?  I’m sure that there will be lots of kids who come from families that don’t qualify as low income but won’t be coming to school with shiny new backpacks because they can’t be afforded.  Unless every single kid that needs a new backpack is getting one, there are kids that will be left out.  That’s bad.

As for me, for now?  I already gave at the tax man’s.


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One response to “SHCOOL SUPPLIES

  • Julie

    Amen! I can there are poor kids out there with more crayons and school supplies than mine!!! Sheesh! Let’s put that $ towards college educations, or something else!

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