Ian Coogan, Everyday Hero

Ian is a particularly amazing person.  He was one of the members of my team this past summer.  For the first few days of Boot Camp, Ian was pretty certain that he was going to go home.  It wasn’t exactly his choice to be there in the first place.  But he changed his mind and decided to stay.  So he sent for his guitar.  And when that guitar showed up, so did the real Ian.  Music makes Ian alive. 

Hey Ian!

Even blurry, this picture is worth the cost of admission!  🙂

Ian is the front man for a band out of Chico, CA.  The band is called Everyday Hero.  It’s like a retro christian punk rockish sort of band.  I’m not sure how Ian would describe his band.  (Here’s a link to Everyday Hero’s MySpace page – click HERE to go there!)  But Ian and his guitar are comfortable in more than that genre. 

I spent the vast majority of my awake hours in Sicily in the kitchen.  Some of my favorite times were when Ian was out in the big hallway or down on the porch playing the guitar.  His music would keep me company and make me smile.  Ian’s music was, I think, my favorite thing about this past summer.  There was one song in particular that I could listen to him play for hours.  I’m not sure what it is I love about it so much.  It’s lyrical and delicate and makes me want to close my eyes and lose myself in it.  I asked him to play it for me one last time at the airport in Orlando while we were waiting for flights.  He obliged!  Even though he is “competing” with a hundred other voices and overhead announcements, his talent and the beauty of this song is unmistakable.  I hope that maybe some day he records this.  I’d pay goooood money to get my hands on it.  Here’s Ian’s command performance. 

Thanks, Ian, for staying and sharing your summer with me and the rest of the Sicily team.  And thanks for sharing your gift with us and for being soooooooo generous in that sharing.

Miss you!  

Ian.  One of my Everyday Heros.


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