Day Two, and a Half

So I’ve been home now for two and a half days, or so.  It feels as though I never left.  Not an unusual phenomenon, but it always surprises me just a little bit when it occurs.  Here’s the thing that is so weird to me.  It doesn’t work that way in reverse.  When I leave home and am gone for two and a half days, it doesn’t feel like I’ve never been at home.  It only works when in the obverse.  Just a random musing.

My laundry is finally done.  Even though we were able to wash all of stuff at debrief in the washers, I felt compelled to wash absolutely everything again when I got home.  Nothing every feels truly clean until it’s washed at home, and, in my case, double rinsed.  And, because this is how my life works, the minute I jumped in the shower this morning the DHL guy showed up with my new AC adapter/power cord.  I had to drive wayyyyyyy over to the DHL facility this evening to pick it up.  Cool thing…the Dell guy who helped me out is a computer consultant and sales guy who is living and working in Panama City, Panama.  He waived all the shipping fees even though I ordered it for overnight delivery.  Saved me like twenty bucks!

I have been working on touching bases with friends and family.  My family is big.  It takes days to 1) find them all, and to 2) talk to them all.  I caught my sister Whitney at work yesterday.  She told me where to find her son, Mitchell.  I called my Mom and she put Mitchell on.  He didn’t know who I was at first, but when I told him, he sighed and said “Auntie LOU!  I’ve been missing you SO MUCH!”.  How cute is THAT???  And then later, he called me back.  He told me “Auntie Lou, I forgot to tell you something…..I know how to tie my shoes!”.  Two months seems like a really short time until you see how much a five year-old changes in that span of time.

Other changes that took me by surprise?  Exubera.  A really bad name for a drug that I am skeptical of at best.  Inhaled insulin.  Exubera??  Shouldn’t that be the name of some kind of anti-depressent or something?  I’d been hearing about it for years, but had no idea it would hit the market this summer.  What else?  My brother has a girlfriend!  My little brother.  When did THAT happen?  Oh, and I opened up my huge piles of mail only to discover that the 77th birthday party invitation for my uncle Jim said it was a surprise!  I wrote to him from Sicily and I believe I mentioned the party and how I wished I could have been there to celebrate (he turned 77 on 7/7/7!).  Aaaaand I’m pretty sure he got the letter before the party.  And what’s the deal with Barak saying we should pull out of Iraq and attack Pakistan?  Is he kidding?  There are so many things wrong with that plan that I cannot even begin to write about them at the present time.

Now I’m going to watch some FOX news to see what other nutty things are going on in the world.  And I’m going to start to process all the nearly 2000 pictures and videos I took this summer.  Stay tuned.  I’ll be sharing my summer soon.

One last item of business.  Due to the particularly vile content and large amount of spam comments I recieved to my blog in my absence, I have reluctantly changed my settings to require my approval on any comments left.  Rest assured that non spam comments will not be screened out (unless their content is foul, and that almost never occurs).  I just need to make sure that no one wanders into my blog and finds links to things that no one should be looking at!  ESPECIALLY not as a link from my blog!  Sorry about having to do it.  I had hoped that I could leave my comment forum wide open, but have found that I cannot do so any longer.  😦  Pretty sad.


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