Hey Pops!!

Happy Father’s Day! 


I’m still in Florida.  As I write this from my home before I’ve even left, I’m thinking, “UGH” about that.  But I’m assuming I’m surviving Boot Camp, like I always have.  And parts of Boot Camp are just wonderful enough to make up for the ick factor of it all.

Thanks for being my Dad all these years.  I would have chosen none other for the job.  Thanks for all of your support throughout my life.  Thanks for not giving me a hard time when I took all those years off of college.  Thanks for coming and spending six weeks last year taking care of Mew Ling for me.  Thanks for teaching me how to correctly catch and throw a baseball.  Thanks for coming to my softball and basketball games year after year.  Thanks for letting me quit softball when I didn’t want to play anymore.  AND basketball.  Thanks for loaning me the money to buy Dudley.  And thanks for buying my plane tickets to and from Orlando this year.  Thanks for encouraging my “vocabulary” and my enunciation!  And thanks for your strong stance on dental health!  🙂

I love you.  And I’ll write to you from Sicily!

Oh!  I know what present I want to get for you, but I’ll get it for you next time I’m in Cali.  Too much of a pain to ship it!  🙂

(posted in absentia)


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