Today Is Your Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Doris!

I hope you are celebrating well!  I’ve been at Boot Camp in the swamps of Florida now for nearly a week, and by now I’m probably pretty stinky and full of mosquito bites and wishing I was having ice cream and dinner out in a nice air-conditioned restuarant in your honor!  🙂

**Funny story….as I was busy getting these “in absentia” posts ready in a rush before leaving for Florida, I wasn’t paying too close of attention to the details when I was doctoring the musical score in PhotoImpact.  And when I saved it (thus merging all the elments forever into one picture) I didn’t see that I had left the cursor floating over the first Happy at the bottom!  Oh well!  I don’t have time to go back and redo it now!  Wabi-Sabi!  (Sort of, without the nature)**

And lastly… 


A posey for you!


(posted in absentia)


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One response to “Today Is Your Birthday!

  • Doris

    Didn’t see this tribute until today.
    Thank you sweet friend, for the birthday song.
    Yes, I did have a happy day… geocaching with John, and three other old ladies. What a funny set of people we are. Who’da thunkit?
    Love you,

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