Let Are Kids Walk

It’s too early in the morning for me to be reading online news.

The story isn’t particularly interesting…people protesting because they don’t get their way, basically.  But this time it’s Fort Worth high school kids protesting because they are not being allowed to get diplomas nor to be a part of the commencement ceremony as they haven’t passed a required standardized test.  One kid is upset because she carries a 3.5 GPA but flunked the standardized test.  (She’s not even upset that she’s not getting her diploma, she’s upset that she can’t be a part of the graduation, with her friends!)

What’s good about this particular story, and what I WANT you to see, is the the placard being held high in the picture that accompanies the story which loudly proclaims..

“Let ARE kids walk”

For THAT egregious offense against the english language ALONE, this girl shouldn’t be allowed to graduate.

(Kudos to the writer and photographer for writing the real story without saying a word…)


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4 responses to “Let Are Kids Walk

  • Nicholas

    Oh boy, I’ve taken this test every year since the third grade. Honestly, if you cannot pass this easy test you shouldn’t be allowed to graduate. I have no idea how this girl got a 3.75 GPA and did not pass the test. The whole school year is spent preparing for this test (which is why i kind of stopped public school, and started home schooling. They were just teaching to the test, and not actually teaching.)
    I hate the TAKS test, and I hate how much emphasis is put on it, and I would rather it not be a determiner (is that a word?) of someone’s diploma, but…really, it’s so easy that it shouldn’t matter.
    and, you know what the TX gov. did because people were complaining about the test? They scraped the test, and replaced it with 8 standardized tests(one for each subject.) They said this would make it easier….I don’t know, their logic is not clear to me, and many others…
    anwyays, just my opinion. Sorry about the partial rant.
    God Bless

    And there you have it, folks. This from a real-live Texan who has experienced the school system first hand! (And, yes, determiner is a word. 🙂 ) Please feel free to drop in and partially rant whenever you wish, Nicholas!

  • Larry

    Hey, I am from TX and my daughter passed her taks test.. LOL Let are kids walk rofl. Figures.
    Lou, your sense of humor is as keen as ever. By the way. I have been going to phoon but I keep forgetting!
    Check out my latest post. You might like it.

    Thanks!!! Yes, I did like it! And glad your daughter passed her TAKS! 🙂

    Linda (Lou)

  • writeathome

    “Let ARE kids walk.” I could see someone in the lower elementary grades making that mistake, but a high school student? This is pretty sad, and to me it’s just another example of how our educational system is dumbing us down.

    Yes. Sad. I don’t know why parents aren’t more upset about the lowering of standards than they are supportive of their kids suing schools when they can’t wear Tigger socks or whatever to school. Schools are dumbing kids down, but all too many parents don’t seem to care. I think that home schooling really might be the salvation of this generation’s education! There are plenty of kids who will do well simply because they choose to and are the kind of kids that don’t need external forces to propel them forward. But these don’t look like they are that kind of kid!

  • Lizzie

    Hey….. What do we care…. Let there children walk

    Ahhh, Lizzie! HAAAA! You are toooooo funny! 🙂 I’m cracking up!!

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