Tsk tsk tsk, Andy

I watched “The Bachelor” when it first started as a series, but then I stopped watching.  Because a number of my friends at work were watching it this season, I decided to watch it as well so that we could discuss each episode ad nauseum in-between patients at work!  🙂

I really liked this bachelor, until the season finale last night.  Andy Baldwin, “Officer and a Gentleman”, told not one, but two girls, that he loved them.  He did this knowing that one of these women were going to be sent home.  Awwwww, Andy, you shouldn’t have told Bevin you loved her.  Why’d you go and do that?  Even if you weren’t sure which woman you were going to pick in the end, you shouldn’ta told them BOTH you loved them.

Bevin, I didn’t care for you all that much (nor did I care for Tessa), but you did show class after you were sent packing.  Andy shouldn’ta told you he loved you.  Not very gentlemanly, really.  You were baited and switched on.

(Why DO men tell women that they love them when they know that there isn’t going to be a future in that relationship?  Do men not know what it means to women when they tell them that they love them??)


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2 responses to “Tsk tsk tsk, Andy

  • Whitney

    I think that “men” typically don’t know what it means to love a women. Or that their definition is vastly different than a woman’s. (That is if you take God out of the picture.) Even the way a man is “allowed” to demonstrate love is societally frowned upon. Try to kiss me on a first date and it’s a turn off. Open a door for me , and I am intrigued.

  • Denise

    OK – so this is a really late comment…
    I liked Tessa, and I’m glad that Andy chose her. It clearly illustrates that when we women don’t “give it up” so easily, men are appreciative. (I did feel bad for Bevin, though.)

    My husband told my girls that the reason he chose me was I was the only girl who liked him but wouldn’t sleep with him. He said there were plenty of girls who would. And there were plenty that didn’t like him.

    Perhaps (and I know it is a long shot), Andy’s choice of Tessa lets women know that it’s OK to wait and keep your dignity.

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