Doïn Deïp Saïch Seõ An Toaøn Sau Côn Thieân Tai!

Do you get mani/pedis (manicure/pedicures)?  I used to.  I got them (including a “fill” on my acrylic fingernails) every two weeks.  It was one of my favorite rituals.  I stopped the ritual about two years ago.  My nails are currently in a state of “thrashed”.  I broke two nails trying to get into a patient locker at work today.  Jean (my nail guru for years) would be horrified if she saw them!

I recently received a link to a very funny video.  Stand-up comic Anjelah Johnson nails (pun most definitely intended) the experience that many of us have had when we go to one of those strip mall nail salons!

If you’ve ever been to one, you’ll crack up.

If you haven’t, well, you might find it mildly amusing.

Click HERE to watch the video!

(About the title of this post…I tried to find a translation tool to translate what the title of this post is.  The only free tool I could find has been “too busy” all evening.  So I found some text and just cut and pasted it.  I wanted it to say “So THAT’s Why I Don’t Have a Boyfriend!  What it actually says is “Clean Up Safely After Natural Disaster”.  Pretty close!)



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One response to “Doïn Deïp Saïch Seõ An Toaøn Sau Côn Thieân Tai!

  • Diana

    Oh My Goodness! that is FUNNY! Funny because it is so true! And I was going to “my” nail salon this week. Hmmmm… Thanks for the laugh.

    You are MOST welcome! 🙂

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