SoBe It!

While on lunch break the other day at work, I enjoyed one of my favorite drinks.  That would be a SoBe Cranberry Grapefruit drink.  Yummay!  I happened to notice writing on the inside of the cap.  I read it.  And I thought “Wow.  Now THAT’S the cruelest fortune I’ve EVER been the recipient of!  Often true, but still, come on!  Cruel!”

Then I noticed the “fine print”:  ONLY VALID IN THE USA.  Okay, so the choices I make OUTSIDE of the USA might NOT make me a loser????  Hmmmm.

I turned over the cap to see what the deal was.  It was a game piece.  Turns out I was a loser in this particular SoBe game.

But it still kinda stung.

I think I prefer Dove’s chocolate theology.



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One response to “SoBe It!

  • Stephanie Ernandes

    That is funny! James got an equally weird fortune out of a fortune cookie this week, which we thought of as we read yours. Here it is: When you are squeezed, what comes out is what is inside. I’d personally rather not think about being squeezed like an orange! But anyhow that little fortune resides on the refrigerator now.

    Ha! That’s a good one, too. I once read my horoscope and it told me that “today is a good day to buy appliances”. Nice. Other people get to know when their planets are all lined up for love, and mine are all lined up for a blender, or a washer/dryer combo….

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