Ohhhh, boy… No boy!

I just got off the phone with Teen Missions.  No, my team hasn’t changed, but I learned something both exciting and terrifying.  My team still doesn’t have a head male leader.  And I found out a “Plan B” for teams that don’t have male head leaders.  There is a good possibility that I, that would be ME, could very well end up being BOTH the head lady leader AND the head male leader on my team.  That’s the exciting part.  The terrifying part is that I don’t have a female assistant leader yet either.  I do have a male assistant leader, but he’s only 18 years old.  This could be one of those “unknown challenges” that I anticipated facing….being responsible for the all the cooking AND for the work project (in addition to the thousand a half OTHER things that have to be done!), allllll at the same time.  Sounds like a lot of multi-tasking! 

I better watch the construction CD they sent me.  I’m not sure that I remember how to properly lay out a building!

And I thought that this summer might be a bit of a break after last summer! 

Who was I kidding???  If I do end up as both, this could be the most challenging two months of my life!

I better take a nap now!  I’m tired just thinking about doing this almost alone! 



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3 responses to “Ohhhh, boy… No boy!

  • Whitney

    You wont be alone. Not a prediction of the future, just a statement of fact.

    Hey Whit, Thanks for the spot-on reminder…

  • Logan Adair

    Linda, I promise to be the bestest assistant leader you have ever had!!!
    Ps.- I am Logan Adair. I will be helping you lead the Sicliy Team this summer!! I cant wait. I have been with TMI for 3 years now. My past teams are Poland ‘05-Trinidad ‘06, and Sicily ‘07. Cant wait to meet you at boot camp!
    Also, will you be attending leader seiminar before boot camp?

    Logan! So nice to hear from you. I sent you an e-mail. Well a few e-mails! At first I thought you went to Sicily last year, so I asked a bunch of questions you won’t know the answers to! Laughing at myself! I attended a leader seminar last year, so I don’t have to this year. But I’ll see you on the 4th!


  • Rachel

    I’m sure you’re doing GREAT, Mama Lou!!!

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