Have Cat, Will Travel

I know, I know, I’m overly attached to my cat.  Be that as it may, the fact is, she’s awesome.  My Mom is in town this weekend for Mother’s Day.  So that I could spend more time with her, I spent the weekend at my sister’s house where my mom was staying.  So that the time there could be maximized without my having to keep running back to my house to take care of Mew Ling, Mew Ling was also invited to stay the weekend!  So, on Friday we packed up and drove out (about 35 minutes) to my sister’s house. 

Traveling with a cat is like traveling with a kid when it comes to all the accouterments (that actually is a correct alternative spelling to accoutrements) that have to go.  Cat bed…check.  Litter box…check.  Cat food and treats…check.  Bowls for food and water…check.  Scratching post..check.  Grazing grass…check.  Cat in carrier…check.  I got her all set up and settled in and by the evening she was ready to come out of “our” room to join the festivities.  She had already had dinner and used the cat box!  She was a great house guest, if I do say so myself.  She slept on the bed with me.  She used her box all weekend.  She followed me around like a dog, came when I called, and stayed off the counters and tables once she learned that they were a “no no” just like at our house!  And even though she refuses to drink water from a bowl at home (preferring to drink from the toilet as she was taught by Fritz) she drank from the bowl I set out for her!  Good kitty!  I guess I’ll be much more ready to travel with her and take her to other people’s houses (if she’s welcomed) without worrying that she won’t behave herself (or that she’ll get dehydrated!)!

Sooooo, feel free to invite the two of us to visit!  We’d love to see you!  😉 

And I hope all the mothers who read my blog had a very happy mother’s day.  My Mom doesn’t know how to use a computer, so I know she’s not reading…It’s a good thing I was able to wish her a happy one in person!  🙂  We had a very nice weekend, including a really lovely luncheon that Diane put on for lots of mothers and daughters in her circle of friends (and a couple in mine) on Saturday.  AND a another great church service.  (Check out the 5/13/07 sermon using the WVC Online link on my blogroll…)


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3 responses to “Have Cat, Will Travel

  • Whitney

    Glad you had a nice visit. Mitchell wants to know when “just us are going to go to Colorado alone”? Translation= No kids. Just him & me. Soon baby. Soon…

  • Lou (Linda)

    I hope soon, too. But I hope he’s not disappointed if you come when there is no snow! 🙂

  • writeathome

    Sounds like the consummate cat. I wish I could get my dog to do all those things. 🙂

    Hi Carol. Thanks for dropping in! Loved loved loved your May 14th post!

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