Zambian Orphan Rescue Units, An Update

Teen Missions recently updated their website with recent reports (this month) from a number of the ORUs (Orphan Rescue Units) in Zambia.  Please take the time to read about all the good things that are happening at these units.  And you can read about some of the sad things, too.

Link to the ORU updates

And the Funda unit?  Well, (unless something has changed that I don’t know about) that’s “Connie’s Heart“. 

Link to the Funda Unit update 

MY heart is overwhelmed to read about children (and grown-ups, too) a world away whose lives are being changed because of Connie.  I will find out much more when I arrive at Boot Camp and talk to the Petersons who run the Zambian ministry.  It sounds like perhaps the Foot Washing team might be visiting “Connie’s Heart” this summer!  I can hardly wait to hear first hand what is happening there!


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3 responses to “Zambian Orphan Rescue Units, An Update

  • brainsplus

    … glad you visited us again, the moon is a great view … I was trying to post some very good link for you to get more information but for some reason, they couldn’t be published. I will email you the needful instead, please remind me if I happen to get busy and forget about you … thanks a trillion.

  • j.l.stoinoff

    i am intrested in orphan situation in Zambia

  • Whitney

    Googled Connie’s Heart today and came up with this & your Flicker post. WOW!!. Hope to see you when you return. Love Whit

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