Mount Etna…Isn’t It In Sicily???

Yep.  It is.  And it has erupted three times since March.  From what I have read, it has been in a near constant state of activity since late 2006.  AND, it’s actually not that far from where I’ll be this summer. 

Does it sound weird that I hope we get to SEE it????  I mean, I think I’d rather see IT than the Colosseum in Rome.

Sicily isn’t that big.  I have put push pins on Mount Etna and on Ispica.  See how close it is to where I’ll be???  🙂

Mapquest says it’s 70.69 miles from Ispica to Catania.  Small eruptions only, okay????  Plzkthnx.  (Even I recognize the inherent danger of volcanic activity)…but so far, no real danger from these eruptions.  At least that is what THIS article says! 

We fly into Catania.  At least that’s the plan now.  I also read that the airport had closed once for two weeks because of ash, so we’ll see!  When we leave, we drive to Messina to catch a ferry to the mainland.  So, an opportunity to maybe see it from the air, and from the ground.   

As long as it doesn’t go all Vesuvius or Krakatoa on us! 

Hey Pops,  are you still glad I’m going to Europe this year???  😉


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One response to “Mount Etna…Isn’t It In Sicily???

  • Jessica

    i wish that i could see it because i have a report to do on it and its really hard…..

    I hope you get to see it someday, even if not in time for your report. — Lou

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