The REAL Wedding Crashers

What a tragic display THIS television show is.  I admit it, I was tired and had little energy to do more than veg on my couch last night and watch TV.  And there was nothing at all worth watching all night.  Especially not this show, “The Real Wedding Crashers“.

The premise?  A bride and groom sabotage their own wedding.  Other than the accomplices that are the crashers, only the bride and groom know that all the craziness and disruption that is happening before and during the wedding and reception is a set-up.  The wedding is real.  And everyone involved is a mark in this rather sick con game. 

I guess I’m hopelessly old-fashioned, but I think that weddings, however modest or extravagant, should be, well, sort of sacred.  A man and a woman pledging themselves to each other forever, and promising to love and honor each other until death?  It doesn’t get deeper than that.  I think I have cried (or at least gotten misty-eyed) at nearly every wedding I’ve ever been to.  Weddings shouldn’t be the forum for a couple to pull off a big gag on all their family and friends.  Have fun, but don’t make a joke of it.

I don’t even like it when brides and grooms smash cake in each others’ faces.  Feeding each other cake is sort of like a symbol that this new husband and wife will nurture each other, feed each other.  Sort of solemn, no?  And to take that serious act and turn it into  a ‘who can mess up the other person more’ totally cheapens and devalues that.

Like I said, maybe it’s just me.  Maybe I’m too serious when it comes to love and promises of love. 



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