Sicilia, A Preview!

One of “my kids” from this summer, the most awesome Becca, (you’ll have to fight that out with Rachel, Becca!) has a sister that went on the Sicily team last year.  Today Becca left a comment with some of Tiffany’s pictures on my MySpace!  I now have a small window into where I will be this summer.  And I thought I’d share them with you, too!

 So green!  This is part of the campground in the grove of almond trees.

The view of Ispica from the campground, which sits atop a hill.  Gorgeous!


The 2006 team giving a presentation in the only evangelical Christian church in Ispica.  The campground is associated with this church.


I imagine we’ll eat here, too.  Tables and chairs.  Quite a change from last year!  (I only have three tablecloths so far.  I can see I need to add “buy more tablecloths” to my endless list!)


I don’t know the name of this cathedral….yet!  But if my team doesn’t change, I will know it soon!

Thanks Becca!  And Tiffany!  Thanks for the little peak into my possible future…  🙂 

Africa.  Sicily.  While the locations are soooo different, the spiritual need is the same.  Please be praying for my team.  I don’t know them yet, but a few months from now I probably won’t be able to imagine ever not knowning them!  This place looks so beautiful and serene.  May we remain focused on why we are there….to share Jesus Christ with people who are hurting and seeking…


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4 responses to “Sicilia, A Preview!

  • Becca B

    Haha, sorry. The church is run by Vincenzo and his family! Vincenzo started and runs the campground, you’ll be seeing a lot of him. 😀 Forgot to mention that.
    “the most awesome Becca” — yessss…heh heh heh.
    Much love, Mama Lou!

  • Bill Compton

    Hi Jim. Photos i received. Thanks

  • Julie

    My daughter will be on the TMI trip this summer (2007) to Sicilly—really have enjoyed reading your comments and the pictures…..

  • Martha

    This was my team in 2006!!!! I was sooo excited to find this!

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