Rites Of Passage

Sigh.  In my teens it was getting my driver’s license.  In my twenties it was graduating from college and getting a real job.  In my thirties it was having a career.  I’m now in my forties, and I am getting vision changes.  Yea.  That’s me.  Wearing reading glasses.  Scott took this picture when we (Scott, his wife Joanne, and I) were lately snowed in in Denver and having to spend the night in a hotel.  (See previous post for the whole story!)  

Last month when I was reading I was finding that my vision kept blurring.  I thought it was because I was tired.  But that’s not all it was.  I’m finding that reading glasses really help me to focus, especially when I’m tired.  There’s something sooooo wrong about having to wear both retainers AND reading glasses.



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5 responses to “Rites Of Passage

  • Joanne (Scott's wife)

    Oh, but you look soooo cute!

  • Paul K.

    Cute: check. — Picture of glasses: check. — Picture of retainers: missing. Or are they hiding in that water glass – with Efferdent?

    Seriously: I greatly appreciate your keeping us apprised of the adventures(!) of the Cuddles couple. (And they are, aren’t they?)

    Paul K. = one of Joanne’s middle-distance cousins

  • Lou (Linda)

    Paul, you ARE observant! As I only wear them at night and I had no intention of spending the night in Denver, the retainers were over the pass where I couldn’t get to them! 🙂

    I’m glad to be able to post the occasional update on the Cuddleses. I didn’t realize that middle-distance cousins were reading!

    Thanks for visiting my humble blog

  • Shirley


    Your picture is adorable! Come see us in Lake Havasu.


  • Lou (Linda)

    That would be fun! I’m off on another summer mission trip though, so who knows when I’ll be taking a road trip through Arizona! 🙂

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