I Picked…

I tried to get Betty to assign me to a team, but she wouldn’t.  She made me pick!  🙂 

I am so excited!  (Except about the Boot Camp part.  I kinda dread the Boot Camp part!)  They don’t have mosquitos in Sicily, do they?? 



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9 responses to “I Picked…

  • Whitney

    That’s the one I was hoping you would pick!!! What kind of work will you be doing? Oh if Low could do it too? Hee Hee!

  • Lou (Linda)

    Everybody at work, my sister Diane, my sister Whitney, my cousin Julie, and even Abner all said they would have picked Siciliy for me, too. Why??? When i saw that TMI was calling, I knew what they wanted and I was hoping that they were going to offer me the Amazon Boat team! I think my biggest challenge is going to be stretching my Euros to feed my kids! What do you suppose the cheapest food there is? I’ll buy lots of that and put it in everything! 🙂

  • Christina

    Mama Lou, Congratulations on your return to TMI!
    Shang was right! you will be the best mama at boot camp! What made you pick Sicily? I guess some other year you’ll get to Switzerland debrief.

  • Lou (Linda)

    Thanks! I’m just going to tell them I’m Lou. 🙂

    Yeah, I was pretty “horrified” when I saw that Sicily didn’t debrief in Switzerland this year, but instead returns to Boot Camp. Ugh. Lots of good things about debriefing and being back in America already though. And hopefully there will be more than just two leaders to get everyone back to the airport and off to home! 🙂

  • Alisha

    I just wanted to say that last year I had florida debrief and actually… I think you’ll like it. I loved it to be honest. It’s NOT like boot camp. I think it’ll actually make you like the TMI base. You stay in dorms and have amazing showers and you get to go to a water park and to a pizza place to eat and to the beach. Plus all the big tops are taken down. The best part is that you have time to transition. Rather than flying straight from Switz to home or Zambia to home (and being cranky from flying for so long as you say good bye to friends you’ve made in the last two months), you have a few days to adjust back to culture and then say good bye and just make a short flight home. You’ll like it… I think!

  • christina

    Yeah, the mama part is like a nickname–and the best ones you can’t choose yourself! Alisha is right, though I think the best part of debriefing is that you experience most of your jet lag during debrief, not when you get home. (On my 1st team we ended up ariving at 5:30 am after 20hrs +of air travel on the first day of debrief when you go to Cocoa Beach, of course we were not allowed to sleep at all during classes or breaks, so when we got to Cocoa beach we fell on the sand and slept and of course burnt, but we got over our jet lag quickly because we had to stay awake that day) the worst part of debrief in FL was that we had to do devos outside, and after a summer of hardly any mosquitos, they were once again pestering us. And TMI should have an earlier depature time available (ie. they get you to the airport near the begining of the day=more flights out to various locations=less liklihood of a late late night in the airport) I do hope there are more than 2 leaders there though. Enjoy debrief back in the good ole US of A! I wonder if this will be your first early boot camp team?

  • Lou (Linda)

    Hey Alisha! Congrats on your engagement! 🙂 So nice to hear from you again. Thanks Alisha and Christina for your thoughts on a Florida debrief. I’m sure it won’t be terrible at all. And YES! I also hope that there will be more than two leaders this year! That was CRAZY last year! I was in early boot camp (what they used to call 1st boot camp) once before. That was my first year, back in 1981. It’ll be very different this year. Before, 1st boot camp was as big as 2nd boot camp. It will be weird to have boot camp be so small! I’ve never been to coca beach, so I’m looking forward to that…

  • Becca B

    My sister went to Sicily last year! You’ll be going to the same campground as she did. 😀 Cool. I’ll have to tell her. I hope I can stop by BC before heading back home!!!! That’d be sweet if I could see you and Hannah1.
    Tiffany (my sister) really enjoyed the family that ran the campground. She came back with interesting stories…
    I pray you have amazing co-leaders!! Haha. And more than two… 😛 I also pray that you have an amazing summer and a good team. (even if it won’t be as good at ZFW….of course…)

  • Lou (Linda)

    Ohhhh, that’s right! I forgot Tiffany went there! I’ll be e-mailing with questions! Like…”do I have a real kitchen?”, and “what kind of food did their lady leader cook for them?”. I hope I get amazing co-leaders, and more than just two, too. England was kinda nuts with just me and Christina last year! 🙂 No. It won’t be as good as ZFW. Not much is!

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