Sorry Mew, No Road Trip This Summer!

This was my plan … go on a three or four week road trip this summer with my cat, Mew Ling.  I really am loathe to leave her and I wanted to see some of the sights that America has to offer (Yellowstone, Glacier Park, the Badlands) and maybe some of what Canada has to offer (Lake Louise).  I still have three states on the lower 48 that I haven’t been to, and wanted to tick them off the list.  They are Idaho, Montana, and North Dakota.  The places I wanted to see this summer, just happen to be in those states!  Imagine that!  I figured Mew could just come with me.  She does fine in the car.  She does fine in hotels.  She can be on a leash.  It was going to be great!  🙂  And she was VERY much looking forward to it!  😉 

But this morning my phone rang.  It was Betty from Teen Missions.  She was calling to ask me to lead another Teen Missions team this summer.  All of the sudden my world and future again look completely different.  That seems to be happening to me a lot in the past few years.  And that’s fine with me.  Keeps me on my toes, really.

Yeah, I’m going to go.  Now all I have to do is decide where the “right” place is.

Sicily?  Trinidad?  Jamaica?  Or back to Zambia?

She wants to know tomorrow!  Yikes!  If you remember, last year my team assignment was changed a number of times.  I imagine that regardless of whatever team I choose, I could very well end up somewhere else again!  Which would be just fine with me.  Worked out great last summer!

Wow.  I can’t believe I had to pull out the old “Gettin’ Ready for TMI” category!  I mean, I CAN, but you know what I mean!  I haven’t even finished processing and writing about all of my amazing and miraculous experiences from last summer and here I am thinking about all the things I need to do to get ready to go again!

Oh, and I asked if they had a single guy that they were putting on as the head leader with me, and Betty said “No.  We don’t.  Do you know anyone that would be a good leader and would want to go?”.

Maybe I can talk one of my brothers into going with me…

Hey, Low!!  🙂

To be continued………


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4 responses to “Sorry Mew, No Road Trip This Summer!

  • Rebecca Shang

    Mama Lou’s gonna be the best mama in bootcamp! Please send me your prayer card. Be nice to the other teams even though their airstrip isn’t straighter than their line. Watch out for Revelation 21:8ers (burnburnburn) and weevils in the shima. Take care of your kids but remember that ZFW is yo favorite! 😉

  • Lou (Linda)

    Hey Shang! I’ll TRY to be nice, but you know me and how those comebacks just come out of me! Ha! Cameroon never even built an airstirp, did you know? I guess they just never learned enough about “straight”! 🙂

    While we’re eating lasagna and tiramisu and taking showers I’ll be dreaming of weevils, sheema and not bathing for weeks at a time!

  • Richard Norris

    Sorry I won’t be able to house sit and cat sit for you this summer. I am hoping to pickup on my “40 day vacation with a purpose” trip that ended in 2005. Maybe Brandy and Mike can come out a little earlier and stay at your place. Had a great time with you and Diane while visiting. The barber shop story turned out great. Wouldn’t it be great to have some of the missing plates get turned it!

    Love, Pop

  • Lou (Linda)

    Poor Mew has to leave her own house this summer??? Ah well, she’ll be in good hands with this Auntie and that cousin, I’m sure. Maybe Mike and Brandy CAN come out early! That’d be nice.

    Yup. I’m hoping to get those plates, but no one has ponied up yet! 🙂

    Glad you like the barber shop story. I got a message from someone wanting to use a couple of them in a story about John Kerry getting $400 haircuts. I guess I need to ask Paul if I can let them use them!

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