Micro(ad) Trip

This past Sunday my cousin and I went on a very short road trip.  The day was GORGEOUS, and we wanted to be in it.  She had her two sons with her, so we decided to do some geocaching up in Woodland Park.  Since I do this without a GPS, I am reliant on maps (street maps and satellite maps) and whatever clues I can glean from the cache information provided on geocaching.com.  The satellite maps couldn’t be zoomed in and were useless for all the caches I was looking at.  So I decided we’d try anyway with just a street map (there’s a teardrop pointer which puts you in the general vicinity) and the cache info.  We found the first one we looked for.  A micro cache which was about 1″ x 1 1/2″ by 1/4″ thick.  It was very clever.  But that was the only one we found.  The next two were a complete bust so we decided to come back to Woodland Park when I get a GPS! 

What makes up for a mostly failed afternoon of geocaching???  Ice cream, of course.  So we went back down the mountain and headed for a specialty ice cream store in Colorado Springs called “Michelle’s“.  We got our treats and headed across the street to a nice little park called Acacia Park.  Acacia Park is the place where the mentally ill, homeless, and out of control teenage populations like to hang out.  Even so, it’s still a nice little park And young families, and other people eating ice cream like to go there as well even though it’s still pretty chilly.  There is a pretty little fountain made of ceramic mosaic there.  It’s called the Uncle Wilbur, but I don’t know why.  I decided to take some pictures.  I was sitting on a low wall about 30 feet from the fountain and took these with super close up zoom.

Imbedded into the low wall which surrounded this fountain (and upon which I sat) were these gorgeous ceramic tiles.  I only took close-ups.  The tiles were a little less than a foot square.  I think I’ll probably go back and take more pictures one of these days.  I need to get a full tile shot.

While we were enjoying our ice cream, there was a young man who kept walking around the fountain.  He caught my attention for a number of reasons.  The most intriguing one was the presence of what appeared to be an ankle bracelet that someone under house arrest might wear.  The other was the heels that had been cut out of the dress shoes he was wearing.  As a deeply avocational people watcher, I know what I think his story might be, but what would YOU think if you saw this man?

And, of course, on our way back to the car, we had to take one last foot picture, one of my usual variety! 

So, that was our day!   


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