Mitchell Writes To Auntie Lou

A week and a half or so ago I went to my mailbox, and pulled out an envelope that made me bust out smiling!  In my hands I held a letter addressed by the very own hand of my 5-year old nephew, Mitchell!  My Mom tells me that writing to me was completely his idea, and that she just sent the letter when he asked her!  I guess he probably doesn’t even know that handwritten letters are just about my most favorite thing!

Inside that envelope was this letter! 


Mitchell can now write his own name, from memory.  He doesn’t need to copy from somewhere else!  Mitchell has loved to draw and write from the time he could first manage a pencil, which was pretty darn young.  I remember when he mastered five pointed stars.  There were stars on EVERYTHING!  So cute.  Anyhow, this is Mitchell, in his baseball uniform.  I talked to him Saturday (two days ago) morning.  He told me he really likes baseball practice and that they are learning “crocodiles way up in the sky”.  He also told me they have already learned “crocodiles down on the ground”.  I figure that means they are learning to catch and then trap the ball in the mitt with the other hand!  Two things that I found very interesting, and on-beyond-cute, in the letter…

1.  Although he is in his baseball uniform, he is not number 18!

2.  The little orange thing down by his feet is a drawing of my cat, Mew Ling!

Looks JUST like her!  I just love this picture, and I just love my nephew!  🙂


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3 responses to “Mitchell Writes To Auntie Lou

  • Cousin Laurel

    Mitchell does very well. Take it from an ex 1st grade teacher and preschool teacher. I love children’s art. You can tell a lot about them through their art representation. He is one big boy! Glad you got to spend time with your dad.
    Hope you soon will have spring weather. We so enjoyed being with you at Auntie E’s birthday. That was a fun time. We are off to China in May.

  • Lou (Linda)

    Hey Cousin Laurel,

    I love how happy his “letter” is. All the hearts and smiles. Even my cat is smiling. Yeah, he is a big boy! Having a nice time with my daddy. It is spring today, but who knows if winter is really gone yet or not! 🙂 I sure enjoyed the time with you at Enyd’s birthday, too. Looking foward to hearing all about your China adventure! Take LOTS of pictures!

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