Jason Whitlock

I’ve only sort of been listening to the extensive fray in the media surrounding Don Imus’ recent comment about the Rutger’s Women’s Basketball team.  I don’t listen to Imus and I don’t watch women’s basketball.  I stopped taking the story seriously at all when Jesse and Al started yappin’ their jaws about it.  Any time their undies get in a twist over something my eyes roll reflexively.  Today in a quick troll of my AOL sign-on page, I found a link to a great commentary on the “Imus Story” by sports writer, Jason Whitlock.  I have read things by this man before, and he says the things that I’d hope I’d say if I was a black man in America.  And he says black, not African American, which I find refreshing.  Most blacks in America are no more African than I am European, and nobody calls me a European American.  But, as I often do, I digress.  Back to the subject…take the time to read Jason Whitlock’s column  Click HERE to go there.

And in a related and yet unrelated story, it seems that the Duke players accused of raping and kidnapping a woman more than a year ago turned out to be victims themselves; victims of a rush to justice.  I think we all had the feeling that they didn’t do it, didn’t we?  Anyway, it seems their nightmare is over.  My heart goes out to them and their families.  I hope that Jesse and Al take Don’s lead and go to HIS “house” and apologize for what has happened to these boys.



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