Scott Is Home!

He came home on Wednesday (two days ago).  I went to see him and Joanne last night.  Mostly to say “hi” and to see what I could do, if anything, to help them at this stage of things.  But I also wanted to take a peek at his abdominal incision and the sites where his drains had been, just to make sure all looked well.  Wow.  The incision looks gorgeous!  No redness, very little swelling, and just one area where it looks as though he’d had a bit of drainage.  It’s a big ‘un though!  I resisted the urge to find a ruler and measure it, so I’m going to guess that it’s close to ten inches long!  It is horizontal and is up near the lower border of the ribcage where it meets the abdomen.

When I walked in the front door, Scott literally almost popped up from the couch, just like he normally would.  He was dressed and smiling.  Said he’d even forgotten to take his pain medicine, which means he’s not having that much discomfort!  Amazing, really.  He’s going up and down the stairs with relative ease, and other than his hazy yellow hue, he looks to be pretty much himself.  His neighbor (with whom I played Bunco last night) tells me she saw him working in the garage.  Rumor has it (and the picture proves it) that he was already out in his yard poking around day before yesterday as well!

Here is Joanne’s latest e-mail update!:

Dear Ones–

How wonderful it was to be able to go and bring Scott home yesterday afternoon. I overheard Scott telling some of our dear neighbors that his primary Resident-doctor (I’m sure there’s a much better was to say that; I just don’t know what it is!  I should check with Linda!) told him that he has never seen anyone recover from such a major surgery so quickly!  What an answer to prayer!  And not only that, but once we had gotten all our discharge info., Scott said he wanted to go on a date with me on the way home.  We went to the Starbucks that we (minus Scott) had been frequenting during Scott’s hospital stay, and then we meandered around Costco for about 45 min-1 hour, before heading south to our home in Colorado Springs

Scott told me that he is really pleased with how things are going so far!  As you can see by the attached photo, now he’s back to his other love, besides me!  🙂  He’s been up and down the (interior) stairs quite a few times, and is trying to keep up with a good intake of fluids and smaller, more frequent, low-fat meals per doctor’s instructions.  And so far, everything seems to be sitting just fine! 

God has so blessed us, in so many ways.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for your continuing gifts of prayer and friendship.

So grateful,

Joanne, for Scott, too

Doesn’t he look a bit like a non-whirling dirvish in this picture??  🙂


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