Zoom! Zoom! Zoom!

If you read this blog you may know, if you know me, you CERTAINLY know, that I am a nurse.  But I’m one of those nurses who is a bit of an anomaly.  I don’t ever go to the doctor myself.  Well, not never, but I haven’t seen a physician as a patient in about five years.  There is one doctor however that I see REGULARLY, and THAT, dear friends, is the dentist.  Due to having braces and to my dentist’s retirement, and then to my moving, it has been something like two or three years since I last saw one. 

I’m sort of a dental freak.  My dad instilled that in me from childhood.  He didn’t take care of his teeth as a kid and has paid the price all of his life with lots of dental issues.  So, since I was a kid, it’s been my habit to see the dentist every six months.  I don’t ever even remember seeing a regular doctor as a kid.  I guess I got my childhood vaccinations, but that’s it.  Oh, and I had stitches once in my toe, but that was in an ER.  And I had to get a note from a doctor to play sports in high school, but I just saw a local GP for that.  I didn’t have a doctor of my own.  I don’t have a doctor here yet.  But I was starting to feel like if I didn’t see a dentist soon something bad was going to happen!  I have dreams about bad things happening to my teeth.  I nearly had an apoplectic fit when I learned that I voluntarily had to have all my wisdom teeth removed for my braces!  So it was TIME.

Over the years my teeth, which have been pretty white most of my life, have become a little bit dingy looking.  I’ve been interested in having them whitened, even if just a shade or two or three.  I’ve heard good things about Zoom! whitening, so I looked into that since I was looking for a dentist anyway.  I picked a doctor at random from a list that the Zoom! hotline people gave me.  I called his office and talked to his office manager and was very impressed about what I heard.  Since my teeth had gone through so much lately (Invisaligns AND traditional braces AND a deficit of routine dental care), I thought it was time to get a really thorough check-up.  And Dr. Matthews sounded like just the right guy to do it. 

I saw him Monday and had the most in-depth dental appointment that I’ve ever had.  And he cleared me for Zoom!.  I got Zoom!ed yesterday.  Near the end of the procedure I started to experience some sensitivity, so we stopped before time was up.  But still!  Nice and bright.  And I was sent home with trays and gel to continue the whitening at home, which I will.  I’d like to pump up the bright a little bit more.  Last night my teeth were still zinging a little, but when I woke up this morning, nearly all the sensitivity was gone.  That means I can continue with the whitening starting tomorrow.  

For now I have to avoid things that stain, like soda and coffee, (two days without Diet Coke and coffee!  Yikes!), tomato based foods, etc.  I have to eat and drink clear, white, and beige. 

For the nice bright smile it gave me, I am giving Zoom! Unpaid Product Endorsement status!

I go back in a few weeks to meet with the dentist again to review all the results of my tests and X-rays.  But I don’t anticipate any surprises.  The dentist was super nice.  He does missionary work, so we had that in common.  AND it turns out we go to the same church, which is a really nice bonus.  His staff is GREAT.  His office is welcoming and it’s the nicest environment, medically or dentally speaking, that I’ve ever been in!  (You even get a paraffin wax treatment for your hands at each visit!  I’d not had one of those before, but boy, can I recommend it!)  And I can’t say that this would happen to you, but when I took out my checkbook on my first visit, Sandy, the office manager (and Dr. Matthews’ wife) told me to put it away, that she didn’t want me to have to write a check to them two days in a row.  How often does any kind of business, let alone a medical/dental office, let a cash patient walk out without paying???  I imagine that Dr. Matthews will be my dentist for as long as I live here!

For being gentle, for having a wonderfully caring and knowledgeable staff, and for taking such good care of me, I am also giving Dr. Matthews Unpaid Product Endorsment status, and a place on my blogroll!  🙂

Perhaps when I’m done doing all the whitening I’ll post a picture of my now, once again, pearly whites!


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